Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Its over...

I'm sitting by the window
staring at the horizon,
wondering to myself
if this life has a reason

Meandering down dark streets,
no one by my side
I look up at the starry sky,
searching for that light

Would it really make a difference, i muse
if I wasnt there...
maybe they'll shed a tear or two,
and send up a prayer

But everything will be
just the way it was
and one of them missing
with not much loss

I caress it with my fingers
Feels cold, hard and beautiful
I pick it up and load it,
and put it to my skull

Close my eyes, a tear rolls down
Pull the trigger...

...and its over.


anubhav said...





shaan said...

mourir !! an intresting topic to write about !!!!!!!!
but made u write abt stickin the gun to skull

Mirage said...

@anubhav: thnx man! Oh and i wouldve added the liquor part... but i preferred the gun to slow poison!

@shaan: nothin specific...i just wanted it to sound kinda gory! >:)

Smartalec said...

atta gal, megha! very well written! but i agree with anubhav... u cud've added d liquor and still ended with the gun:P!
and congratz! ur efforts paid off! it sounded gory alright:D

desperado said...

nice one mirage
dont know what made u write this
sometimes evryone searches the reason for his/her existnce

keep the writings comin
n boy dont shoot

The man in the box said...

Hey thanks for visiting my blog. And nice poem.

And what are the chances that "its" in the last line might refer to the bullets in the gun?

anuj said...

Hey !! u there. U alive. Thank god. I just thought u shooted urselves .From the beginning the poem was very nice but in the end it became scary.

"But everything will be
just the way it was
and one of them missing
with not much loss"

Thats not exactly true. There r people who care for u. and one day when u will not be there they will miss u.

Mirage said...

@smartalec: thnx for the appreciation man! But what is it with liquor!? i dont want ppl to think i'm suicidal AND have a drinking problem! ;)

@dhruv: lol! i wont man! dont have a gun!

@maninthebox: yea u cud put it that way. but "it's" includes a whole lotta stuff i'd like to put an end to...even the bullets!

@anuj: Gawwd man chill!! its just a poem! I'm in no hurry to go anywhere! i knw everyome cares and i cant even DREAM of leaving them! bt thnx for ur concern! :)

meTaL said...

what would be interesting is if this poem had had a sequel! anyhow, the best part nobody would give a shit either way.

Mirage said...

@metal: nobody should...

First Rain said...

If over and out it ever is,
What was, will cease to be,
What will be, would not be needed,
So much scarier is eternity.

Thanks for visiting!