Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Frustration Personified

The damn internet connection refuses to work, making me completely paralyzed and bringing all my work to a standstill. Which finally leaves me no choice but to return to blogging. Serves me right, I guess, for ignoring it for so long.

At my folks' place presently, trying to get some respite from the no-net frustration at home. Anyway, forget it, it's too nerve wracking!

Delhi's scorching these days with no sign of improvement. Feel like taking a vacation but that's not possible till July, for hubby. Been a while since I met my friends too. Life's never been so dull for me, I swear! The past feels like a dream, when we all were together, almost all the time. And now, we're all running in separate directions, chasing things, people...chasing time. Of course, we miss our older selves, but somehow time's too much of a constraint to catch up now. God, that is just so sad, ain't it? Funny how we dance to the tunes of life.

My mind feels numb... I need a change bigtime, before I go nuts.

Any ideas?