Tuesday, October 26, 2004

i'm so tired...

oh its sooo good to be home! god this month has been so damn tiring! i've never travelled so much in a year than wht i've done this month! bangalore, ooty, n now jim corbett park! though i've enjoyed every bit of it it's been pretty back breaking! and now today i had to go to a stupid party with dad. gosh i hate these society parties! always gotta hv a smile plastered on my face...tolerate ppl i've never seen n will probably never see agen! n now got an early class tomorrow! groan! i miss my sleep! i used to sleep like a log but i wonder whr its all gone now! oh wait i think its comin back! oh yea there it is....yaaawwn! see tht?! well better catch hold of it b4 it disappears agen! cya

p.s. thanx shazam for the comment...tho i never talked bt murdering the terrorists! oh btw one of the very feared terrorists of southern india was recently killed in an encounter...n i don't need to tell u how glad i am! cheers!

Friday, October 15, 2004


Hard to live...

Life's full of surprises,
some pleasant and some not;
the 'some nots' are so much more
and they always hurt a lot
God, its so hard to live...

Relationships are not for me,
they end before they start
I wonder what fun they have
to step on someone's heart
Its just so hard to live...

I cant look in people's eyes
because all i see is hate
they never show any love,
and if they do, its fake
And its so hard to live...

Everything feels so wrong
I wonder why i'm here
Dying seems so much easier
Its something i don't fear.
And anyway, its so hard to live...