Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Confessions of a Shopaholic

I can totally relate to the film (see: title). Okay maybe my life isn't as dramatic as the protagonist and I don't get chased by credit card companies to pay my bills - but still, I revel in the charisma of shopping - especially if its online.

My work demands me to stay online a lot, and since I work from home, I don't usually take time out to shop on weekdays. Weekends mostly go by visiting friends and family, so technically its not my fault that I'm pushed to the most convenient way of getting what I want!

It first started innocently enough when I was introduced to this new website - more like web store - that offers branded stuff at really discounted prices. Worth a shot, eh?! Innocence soon went down the drain as temptation took over mind, body and soul! From shoes to jewelry, clothes to watches, even decoration pieces for home - it was all there for the taking, and I went on a rampage!

I tried not to notice when the credit card bills came knocking, or how they jumped from a measly 2000 bucks to 5000, then to 7k and recently - 10 grand. The last one was a shocker! "But they're on SALE, its worth it, its a damn good deal", I keep telling myself. The more I try to hold back, the more I'm sucked in. My bank balance is diminishing, my husband has no idea about my obsession and I am still not satisfied with what I buy!

So how do I make myself guilt-free? I refer the website to my friends. Why keep them away from such a steal, right? *evil grin*