Thursday, March 20, 2014

Beginning of the End

I just love watching the leaves fall off of trees. Its so peaceful.
The tree, happily dancing to the wind's tunes is shedding away its past to make room for the future.
And the leaves, in silent acceptance of their fate, quietly fall to the ground to embrace the end of a fulfilled journey. Simply beautiful!

Thursday, March 06, 2014


The head and the heart
Oh why are they apart?
My heart wants, my mind taunts
My soul remains undone

My eyes are open
My heart is alive
So why does it feel
Like a dream, unreal?

I can see, what is unseen
I can hear the voice that beckons
I can feel, what is forbidden
I long to touch, what is verboten

A storm of emotions
Explodes in my being
Dancing with the whirlwind,
I'm letting go

I can fly with no wings
I can swim with no fins
Delve deep inside
Eager to find...
A whole new me