Sunday, October 30, 2005

The tag I couldn't escape

I had to spend considerable time on this one...coz I had wrack my brains to pen down 20 things about me. If u ask me to describe some1 else, it'll take me less than a minute. But its so damn tough to analyse oneself! Anyway, here goes:

1) I love my family...cannot dream of a life without them.

2) Love kids, but lose my patience around them very easily.

3) Fiercely faithful to my friends...n maybe a li'l possesive at times.

4) Shy, don't open up easily.

5) Extremely honest. Can be bitter sometimes though...

6) Perfectionist. Order freak.

7) Mmmm coffee!

8) Afraid of crossing roads. Thank God for subways!

9) Emotional wreck...can be hurt easily.

10) Lazy. Love to sleep.

11) Cant survive without my music.

12) Love winters.

13) Doggies...the cutest things on the planet!

14) Love to pamper and be pampered!

15) My turn on: the way a guy drives his car. No sudden jerks...should be swift, smooth...sigh! No wonder I fell head over heels for Jason Statham in 'Transporter'!

16) Game for ghost stories...even though I get a fright before you can say 'Gho...'!!

17) Believe that God's my best pal.

18) 2 words- John Abraham!!

19) Just love to bug my niece!

20) Love to read. Nething but course books!

Whew! Ohk, now I gotta tag some other people? Ok, Milo, TripleSix, Mr. Mediocre, Arz000n, Friend and umm Rash. Sorry folks! :)

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

In action!

Hey evry1! These are my goa pictures...i'm posting them a li'l late...and I'm only posting a few. But its proof that we all had a blast!! :D

At Vagador Beach:

Splashing at Calangute beach:

St. Francis Church:

Dancing aboard the cruise:

Monday, October 17, 2005

A really really bad day...

This post has been put togethr by us two miserable souls...triple six n mirage.

[Mirage]- We had a perfect start to the most pathetic day of our lives. My mom decided it wud be fun to throw a breakfast party for her friends at 6 AM. We were rudely awakened by 'the morning people' as they lined outside our room, and used MY loo...not being the least considerate for two sleeping beauties.

[Triplesix]- So we were up since 6:30…..and all I cud hear was mirage cribbing…that we wud have a long day today….how right she was!! Our plan of action included, going back to my PG at north campus, then go buy gifts for two friends whose bday party we had to attend, and then we had planned to go for Flight Plan in the evening.

We cud do nothing of the sort.

[Mirage]- After reaching triple six’s PG, the world came crashing down, and our plan went down the drain.

[666]- Turns out, my PG owner, had placed a huge lock on my door…making it impossible for me to enter. On asking for the key, he refused outrightly and blew his top off…with his rage spilling out on us…

[Mirage]- We were taken aback to see that this 85 yr old frail looking man cud have so much energy inside him…and we were at the receiving end of his blind rage. Um, at least triple six was!

After much arguing, and glaring and coaxing and abusing, it was mutually decided that triple six wud have to go. Frustrated, tired and angry, we spent the next hour packing all of her stuff with her shouting at the top of her lungs, “My books and cassettes first….pack them first”!

[Triple six]- We dumped all my stff at my uncle’s place for the time being, and now homeless me is taking refuge at mirage’s place. And we’re so miserable rt now…and its been a tuf job trying to make this post funny….

[Mirage]- …esp for triple six, who’s a lot better than she was a few hours ago.

Our bday party, ruined, our movie schedule got delayed plus we hd loads of frnds calling us to ask what happened, and we having to repeat the whole incident word for word. Mentally, physically and emotionally drained….we’re now signing off.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

What a week!

hello all u beautiful people!! I'm back...n this time, for good! Thank u all so much for all those wonderful least i knw there are people who miss me! No wonder i kept sneezing the whole time there!! hehe! ;)

well goa was expected! Apart from bruising my knee, dropping my cellphone in water, breaking my brand new sunglasses, my camera and mp3 acting strange, not to mention, the pathetic train journey, I managed to have a pretty good time!

We were 10 girls and since we didnt want separate rooms we got ourselves a big suite. Besides a li'l trouble with the washrooms, we adjusted pretty well! One night all of us smuggled some breezers and beer bottles into our room! Were up most of the night...!! Our teachers had strictly forbidden any sort of mischief! If only they knew...!!

I visited the famous Mangeshi temple, and St. Francis Church (plus another one who's name I cant recall). And of course the beaches! Miramar beach sucked...but I fell in love with Vagador (if thts how its spelt) beach, Baga and Calangute. Gosh, the walk from Baga to Calangute is mindblowing! I didnt want to go back! My friends n I saw crabs on the shore, and those tiny things coming out of the seashells. They were so beautiful. There were also these really small snails that the waves brought...we saw them bury themselves in sand, as if the pain of departing from their beloved sea was too much to take for them. was really awesome. Then my friends and I got busy collecting stones on the beach. I was amazed to see how beautiful they looked. Each was a different colour and size...truly unique. We all clicked loads of pictures. Will try and post some as soon as I can get them scanned. N guess what, I even got a li'l tattoo done on my shoulder. Not the real thing of course, but the ones that are painted and last for about 15 days or so. Looked rather sexy...! ;)

Then we were taken for a river cruise one evening. Not much to do, except enjoy the cool breeze. Then the same night, we were surprised by our tour coordinator and were taken to Tito's. Its supposed to be the most happening disco in Goa. We had fun, but only a fraction of what we could have. Because one, our teachers accompanied us. And two, it was an all girls party, which means no outsiders. :( n that would be fun only if ur a guy!

Neway, it was a memorable trip. On our way back, our juniours kinda made us senti and we all shed a few tears...but then they had their ways of cheering us up! Like smothering toothpaste over our faces while we were asleep. Or covering us from head to toe in talcum powder! Gave us a hard time, the brats! Man I'm gonna miss them so much! They are the best fachhas one could have! Goa is great...n it'll always be a special place for me.