Thursday, January 19, 2006

The teacher from hell

College life is sooo much fun! Three long, carefree years. But there has to be a catch, right? Well, there is. A teacher, who derives pleasure in making us poor, innocent girls cringe. Let's call her AS, though I'd love to add another S, and an H and an O and an L and an E. But let's leave it at AS for the time being. She reminds me of that slick-talking tyrant nurse from 'One flew over the cuckoo's nest'. Except she doesn't have the looks. Or the brains for that matter. AS is huge, she must have a lost universe inside her massive belly. And her head is equaly round and fat. It seems she soesnt have a neck...looks as if a big white ball of skin is stuck to the rest of her body. If she'd been cute, she might have resembled a snowman, or a snow-woman, to be precise. But she's far from cute. She's a vamp who plots new ways to trouble us, and then sits back and watches us squirm! Sometimes, she comes out with the dumbest and most irritating excuses to hold out attendance. And sometimes she'll force us to come to college, and then won't turn up herself!! And recently, she's trying her best to ruin our last 6 months in college by interfering with our internship and projects. Sometimes I wish I were an assasin...I'd shoot her without question. But then I figure, she gets a whole lotta curses from the 38 of us, plus our juniors who are about 50...and of course those who have passed out mustve cursed her too! So with so many bad wishes lined up, AS is sure gonna die soon...rt?? She's gonna rot in hell for sure!

Friday, January 13, 2006

The Rape of Humanity

Man holed out after raping baby girl

Assistant Police Inspector Shrikant Desai did not go home for 30 hours.

On Tuesday afternoon he along with sub-inspector Shyam Naik and the detection staff at Deonar police station arrested 35-year-old Ram Kishen Surajmal at Chikalwadi, where he had been hiding after allegedly committing one of the most perverse sexual crimes in Mumbai’s history.

Harijan, a labourer from Ganesh Nagar chawl, Sate Nagar, Mankhurd, allegedly raped a 10-month-old girl on Tuesday night. “The incident may have occurred between 8 and 8.30pm on the highway.
Harijan took the girl from her mother on the pretext of playing some games. It was dark and Harijan used a truck as a shield to rape this girl in the most heinous way,” said the officer.
“Harijan knew the victim’s family as the girl’s mother said that he had earlier taken the girl to play. Hearing the incessant cry of her daughter, the mother ran and saw her daughter in a pool of blood and Harijan in the act. Seeing the mother, Harijan fled. The mother later filed a police complaint,” said Desai.

“What’s shocking is that the accused has indulged in ‘natural’ and ‘unnatural’ sexual activities leading to heavy bleeding in the anal and vaginal area,” he said. The girl was admitted to the Sion Hospital, where she had to be operated upon.

Harijan was taken to the Nagpada Hospital for a medical exam. The police have registered cases against him under Section 376 (2F) and Section 377. “I’ve never seen such a gory sexual crime in my life. This man is a rakshas,” said Desai.

Is there no justice? None at all?

Monday, January 09, 2006

The call

Don’t u just hate it? Waiting for a call is soooo...aargh! Got an email from a friend the other day. The last line of which said, 'will give u a call sometime, maybe Saturday'. Ohk. Cool. No problem.

So its Saturday.
Wake up around 9.
Look at the phone.
Have milk.
Look at the phone.
Read the newspaper.
Look at the phone.
Go take a shower (no, no, the phone's outside!)
Come out and look at the phone.

Went online for some time. Maybe there's a mail from him saying he's somewhere in the Arctic and isn’t near a phone. Nope. No such luck. Sigh!

Try to study. Open my notes. "Satellite Communication in India...". I can feel my phone staring at me. The Calvin screen saver innocently lookin up at me with that evil! I'm not gonna look. I’m not looking.

And then...

*Beep beep*

I reach out and snatch the phone. One message received. Come on, come on, open inbox...friggin' Hutch! I toss my phone is disgust and try and concentrate on better things like Satellite Communication. Yea, right.

15 mins later I'm fast asleep over my books.

A couple of hours later, I wake to a the sound of a bell ringing...I hurriedly look at the phone. Oh, its the door. *Groan*!

Time passes. Between studying, reading a book and watching a film, the phone did not ring and my anxiety grew like never before.

Dinner time. The phone's as silent as if it were in a graveyard!

Finally I'm gettin ready for bed. Giving the stupid phone, one last hard look, I switch off the light and go to sleep.

5AM: The phone rings suddenly in my ear causing me to wake up with a jolt and bump my
forehead on the headboard. What the…oh the phone's ringing!!

"Hey, were you sleeping?"
It’s him. No one else can ask such an obvious question and then expect an answer.

After 15 mins of chitchat, we say our goodbyes...And then the inevitable.

"Ok, so take care...will give you a call sometime...bye!"

Oh, well.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Anuj's tag

Finally came out wid a silly rhyming story. Its exactly 55 I couldnt expand, and so it might sound slightly incomplete.

Spent New Year’s Eve,
Sitting around the flames
With family and friends
Eating, drinking, playing games

Music was in full swing
Danced the night away
Smiles lighted the dark night
All were merry and gay

And then the clock struck 12
We shouted ‘Happy New Year!’
Embraced one and all
Wished them all good cheer…

Anuj...I need a loooooong break after this. So no more tagging!!

Monday, January 02, 2006

Happy New Year!

The merry year is born,
like the bright berry from the naked thorn.
~Hartley Coleridge
Have a wonderful year ahead folks!

I'm back!! :)

I'm home! My back is aching like hell, my legs feel as if a truck ran over them, and I think i've sprained my foot, so i'm limping around the house like a handicap...but I'm sooo happy! Vaishnodevi was great! It was simply great! Right from the time I sat on the train till the time I got back, I've loved every bit of this trip! Though every year our college organises this trip, this was my first time with friends.

We were staying at a hotel in Katra- 5 girls in a tiny room. We started at around 4 in the afternoon. Took an auto till Banganga, and from there, with a loud 'Jai Mata Di!', we commenced our journey. There were some other friends, not from our college, who had decided to join us too. So we were about 15 people. But along the way some of us got separated- the speedy ones took the lead and we slow coaches dragged on after them. Three of my friends had gone barefoot- hats off to them! Taking small steps and stopping at almost every 'vishram sthal' we somehow reached Ardhkwari at around 9- that's about halfway. Then after a quick bite, we gained a li'l energy and sped on, chanting 'jai mata di' the whole time. When we finally reached the Bhawan around 11.30, we felt drained. But seeing the cheerul atmosphere around us we could feel our exhaustion being replaced by excitement and anticipation. It was really chilly up there...didnt feel it while walking but realised it later. After sumbitting our bags and shoes in a locker we joined the long queue to the temple. By the time we made it, our feet were absolutely numb coz of the cold. We went through the tunnel and then the cave...and at that point i felt it was all worth it...the long hard climb felt like child's play for 30 seconds of Mata's darshan. I could feel my tensions dissipating, and the long list of wishes I'd imagined I'd ask for, seemed so frivolous. All I could mumble was a thankyou.

After the darshan, at around 1, we ate from a dhaba nearby. And then again started the long walk back to the hotel. On our way back the lights went out and we walked in pitch dark. The sky above was studded with millions of stars, and for a moment we stood, awestruck, and admired God's handiwork. It was so...beautiful seems like such a small word! It was the most amazing sight I've ever seen. We felt so if walking under a bejeweled cloak. We continued reluctantly and by the time we reached we were literally dragging ourselves to take a step. Our legs hurt so much, and resting made it almost impossible to move. We reached our hotel at 5 in the morning and I dont remember what followed after that. I only remember waking up at 12 in the afternoon the next day. And of course the pain hadnt ceased at all. We just rushed through the day, and at 5 we were on our way back. And now I'm home, feeling warm and cosy again...the pain will go, but the wonderful times we shared would always remain in my heart. And I dont think I'll ever forget that star studded night...sigh! Thanks God! :)