Friday, December 24, 2004

i'm not goin to andaman!!! : (

m finally over my grief...well not xactly over it coz i stil miss niks evryday...its jes dat i'm not cryin anymore..i've come to terms wid the fact dat she had to go. n i wish she's treated well whrever she is.
anyway i'm pretty fucked up coz i had to cancel my trip to the andamans...our stupid university system still hasnt come up wid a datesheet 4 d xams n my tickets were already booked...n if i skip this sem i'll hv to skip d whole damn year n hell i cant afford to do dat! so i've had to ancel them. evry single person in my family is goin n they'll have a blast while i'll b stuck here prbbly still waitin for the schedule to b out! n these jokers will give out the schedule 1 week b4 d xams...aarghh! sometimes i really hate it here! why the hell cant our govt do nething on time?!! they're so goddamn lazy! n thts one thing i CANNOT stand! it drives me nuts! its a stupid system n i doubt if its ever gonna improve!! its the only drawback tht keeps my country from gettin ahead! coz of all these lazy corrupt good-for-nothing creeps in the govt! politics sure is an evil...can ruin anything!
neway not much i cn do bt it...yet! i hope i get to go to those islands someday!! sigh..cya