Saturday, July 22, 2006

Mumbai Matinee

My first week in The Big Apple of India was, extremely eventful, to say the least! I knew it rained a lot here, but there's a big difference in knowing...and feeling! I had not been able to find an accomodation in the first week so I was putting up at my brother's friend's house in the suburbs. Wayyy far from college. And the first 3 days it poured like it had never poured before. So I was stuck at home, watching rented dvds and playin with a bored 2 yr old. Not so gr8 huh!? When the rain gods finally decided to take a break, I bravely stepped out of the house to 'face the world'! Wht dyu knw, the shiv sainiks decide to start a riot the same day! Brilliant, aint it!?

There's more.

College started on the 10th of july. Mumbai was bombarded on the 11th of july. I felt sad for all those innocent people who lost their lives in the tragedy...why them? What did they do to face such inhuman treatment? But it was shocking to see that life went back to normal so soon. In fact the trains started the same night. Can't help but salute the spirit of this city.

I got a taste of the real Mumbai in the first week itself. I was a wreck when I left Delhi. Strangely, I feel safe now. I can't help but hum that old song..."Aye dil, hai mushkil jeena yaha...Zara hat ke, zara bach ke, ye hai Bombay meri jaan..."