Friday, June 24, 2011

I Long for Yesterday....

One of my favorites! Straight from the heart!

Thursday, June 02, 2011

The Year of Reunions

Living up the good old days is always a great idea! This is why I loved it when my BFF suggested to plan a reunion lunch with our graduation classmates - just the Journalism batch girls. Thanks to Facebook, we got in touch with most of our batch mates and were glad to see the responses pouring in. It was just a matter of a few days till we finalized the date and place. Finally when we met up we hugged each other like crazy, typical girls gone berserk! It was amazing to see how much we'd changed and where we'd ended up. Most of us were married, one was expecting - she looked gorgeous btw - and the others were full on career women! It was so great to catch up and talk of the silly things we did in college, updates on professors and stuff. It was hard to believe we were all meeting after 6 years. We could have spent the entire day chit chatting!

This reunion was such a success that I couldn't help but plan out one for my post grad classmates - this time in Mumbai. Got in touch with my batch coordinator at the time and have already started the initial planning. I'm thinking an overnight stay at a beach resort would be superb, provided we're able to book in time. I guess everyone loves the idea of reliving the good times so here also the reactions are crazy! Looking forward to this one now, I'm pretty sure it'll be grand!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


At times, I find myself pondering over days gone by, good times, even bad. God, how much has life changed. I feel ancient! There's a ticking bomb on my head and it feels like there's so much to do, so much I wanted to do with my life, but I keep getting weighed down by, nothing, it seems! Just chores, that never seem to end. Anyway, there are some things that remind me of the life I once had - thought I'd just pen them down:

1) Waiting for the school bus on a foggy, winter morning. Used to walk to the bus stop with Mom, dog in tow.

2) Bunking class.

3) Scribbling my crush's name in the girl's loo.

4) Fell out with my best friend in 8th grade. Found her on Facebook after 12 years.

5) English class.

6) My first computer - Compaq desktop, black. I used to love that bulky old thing.

7) Mom Dad and 3 of us sleeping in one bedroom that had the AC.

8) My brother getting married - to our neighbor. 1st marriage in the family.

9) 1st day of college.

10) Hanging out at Barista with my girl gang.

11) Rikshaw rides.

12) The Metro comes to Delhi!

13) Listening to Backstreet Boys.

14) College trip to Goa. Made friends with cute boys on the train, sneaked alcohol into our hotel room, got drunk on port wine!

15) Farewell party. Vowed never to let go of my friends. Never did :)

16) Off to Mumbai. Was a wreck till I got there!

17) Falling in love.

18) 1st kiss.

19) Having maggi at 3 am

20) 1st job. Hated it.

21) Learning to drive. Still suck at it.

22) Breaking up.

23) Rebound trip to Manali - Mom n me.

24) Getting married. Cried like a baby.

Gosh it could go on. More memories than I can handle. Need a breather. I SO hate days like these!

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Confessions of a Shopaholic

I can totally relate to the film (see: title). Okay maybe my life isn't as dramatic as the protagonist and I don't get chased by credit card companies to pay my bills - but still, I revel in the charisma of shopping - especially if its online.

My work demands me to stay online a lot, and since I work from home, I don't usually take time out to shop on weekdays. Weekends mostly go by visiting friends and family, so technically its not my fault that I'm pushed to the most convenient way of getting what I want!

It first started innocently enough when I was introduced to this new website - more like web store - that offers branded stuff at really discounted prices. Worth a shot, eh?! Innocence soon went down the drain as temptation took over mind, body and soul! From shoes to jewelry, clothes to watches, even decoration pieces for home - it was all there for the taking, and I went on a rampage!

I tried not to notice when the credit card bills came knocking, or how they jumped from a measly 2000 bucks to 5000, then to 7k and recently - 10 grand. The last one was a shocker! "But they're on SALE, its worth it, its a damn good deal", I keep telling myself. The more I try to hold back, the more I'm sucked in. My bank balance is diminishing, my husband has no idea about my obsession and I am still not satisfied with what I buy!

So how do I make myself guilt-free? I refer the website to my friends. Why keep them away from such a steal, right? *evil grin*