Saturday, August 12, 2006

The Night

She’s black, bewitching, beautiful
Draped in a star studded cloak
Adorning the moon on her forehead
And a grey veil of clouds
Hiding dark secrets
Within herself

A Temptress
Casting her spell on the world
A Seductress
With many lovelorn lovers
A Warrior
Dangerous, when provoked
A Goddess
To be worshipped by us all

She’s dark...
She’s Light.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

****ing Chinese

They're doing it again! The stupid Oriental brutality is at its best. Killing dogs. Oh I'm sorry did I say 'killing'? That's too small a word. What I meant was 'butchering' or 'slaying' or 'slaughtering' innocent creatures for no reason at all. I don't know what sadistic pleasure these fuckers derive from it.

They werent satisfied with murdering 50,000. They wanna take the number upto 5 lacs. That's nice isn't it? They might even enter the World Records for the highest number of innocent animal deaths. Might as well kill humans.

Theyre killing each and every dog they can lay their slimy hands on under the false pretext of 'eradicating rabies'. Gimme a break! What's the idea of paying the owners to kill their own pets?? Who gave them the authority to do that? And theyre beating the dogs to death in front of their guardian's eyes. For the love of God, can anyone tell me WHY!??