Saturday, September 29, 2007

"I Love You"

Three words that can make a heart melt. Can bring a smile to your lips. Or tears to moist eyes. Three words that force you to dream aloud. And sometimes, shatter those dreams.

They say love’s a powerful feeling. It can move mountains. It can heal the deepest of wounds. But what happens if love itself was the cause of those deep wounds. I wonder what would heal them.

Love’s an addiction. If you can’t live with the person you’re in love with, you live with their memories. The way they gathered you in their arms, whispered promises in your ears and then sealed them with tender kisses. The smell of their skin feels as real as if they’re right there, sitting next to you. The night you lay in each other’s arms, wishing it would last forever, seems like yesterday. The rhythm of their heartbeat, mingled with yours is something you may never forget. No…it’s impossible to forget love.

If love was so grand, isn’t it worth fighting for?

Sunday, September 16, 2007

An empty realization

Does it ever happen, that in a relationship, you reach a point where you don't remember any of the reasons for being with someone? But you feel you just have to, coz it's the decision you've made? What do you do when you're the last priority for the person you love most? What happens when the reality you chose to ignore, comes and hits you in the face? And you're left alone, to pick up the shattered pieces of your heart?

Monday, September 03, 2007

In rain's shadow

I gaze outside through the curtain of rain at the thundering grey sky, mesmerized by it’s sheer beauty. I watch as the rain lovingly caresses each and every little thing, soaking them with it’s affection, before it buries itself in the earth. The trees, the flowers, the grass…me. It’s almost as if I can see an expression of happiness all around me.

I wonder why I’m still brooding...