Saturday, September 29, 2007

"I Love You"

Three words that can make a heart melt. Can bring a smile to your lips. Or tears to moist eyes. Three words that force you to dream aloud. And sometimes, shatter those dreams.

They say love’s a powerful feeling. It can move mountains. It can heal the deepest of wounds. But what happens if love itself was the cause of those deep wounds. I wonder what would heal them.

Love’s an addiction. If you can’t live with the person you’re in love with, you live with their memories. The way they gathered you in their arms, whispered promises in your ears and then sealed them with tender kisses. The smell of their skin feels as real as if they’re right there, sitting next to you. The night you lay in each other’s arms, wishing it would last forever, seems like yesterday. The rhythm of their heartbeat, mingled with yours is something you may never forget. No…it’s impossible to forget love.

If love was so grand, isn’t it worth fighting for?


Ashu said...

Couldnt agree more. Gurl, this space seems extension of mine. visit mine and you d see the similar expressions spread all over the blog.

Lvoe when leaves , leaves behind a huge void impossible to heal and t ough to recover.

I cannot express my feelings on this love, as i have written my heart out about how love hurts and how one feels when one looses her love.

You need hugzzzzzzzzz and here, you get aplenty, infinite and forever. Wish if this could heal you of your troubles and bring out a smile. but its tough, way too tough.

my space :

Take care,


Saurabh said...

Love is there if you want it to be. You just have to see that it's wrapped in beauty and hidden away in between the seconds of your life. If you don't stop for a minute, you might miss it.

I also cannot express my feelings on love, because I don't know love is. but it certainly is an addiction. we want love someone and in the process we expect love to come back. I have falllen in love many times and failed more number of times. but then i realized It was not love.

John F said...

I would say what I have said to Ashu already. The art of war and love is the same, one has to know when to concede and move on.

Do that and you stay alive to fight another day, carry on foolishly and you cease to exist.

Often Love can be like drug addiction, while you are high it is awesome, it can replace god and take you places you can not even think of while you are insane. Devil offers it free at first but when you get addicted to it you realize you have to pay hefty price to keep it coming. You can now chose to lie, steal, deceive, connive, maneuver, cheat, rob, beg, cry, howl, scream and keep coming up with the price you must pay to keep it coming. But one day your bag of tricks would end and you would have no choice but to die.
Or you can realize this and cut off the umbilical cord yourself. Be prepared for "cold turkey" and tie yourself up if you have to. Call your friends and well wishers to support you and they will come. Cold Turkey would hit you and it will hurt but then eventually it will go away. Soon you shall be free of course and would be nothing but wiser. The next time devil comes knocking with same love concealed under a different drug you would know what to do.

Mind you though that I started with "love can be..". I dont mean it always is!

Rohit Talwar said...

I know it almost is impossible to forget love, but if you keep telling yourself that, it'll hurt even more.

Stone said...

hmm....that was strong confession!!

Love is not beginning or ending of everything!!

Mirage said...

@Ashu: Thnx so much ashu...*Hugs back* Blogrolled you :)

@saurabh: Tht is why when you find it, and then you have to let go, it hurts even more.

@John F: I sure am trying to run away from love, but I can't help wishing it would chase me.

@rohit: Hmm...I knw man, tho I need to vent it out somewhr.

@Stone: It's the transition that's troublesome!

annie said...

Love is divine rather say, it is meant to be that ways. But that divinity only clutches us with barbed wires and strangles us to as close as we cant get to death. And we couldn't agree more.

If it's there to stay itz worth fighting for....any battles that come along with it.But how many are willing to even face those rough times in love..not many. For those who truly love can take it but for those who dont even value love can't even face it.

~Amod~ said...

Read the blog, read the comments..

I'm not qualified enough to add anything.. good luck!

First Rain said...

Of course it is. Don't let anyone or anything make you believe otherwise.

Just make sure that the person you are gonna fight for: a) wants the fight, b) is right there beside you during the fight. Lonely fights are not worth the effort and will only lead to more heartache.


Mirage said...

@Annie: I guess ur right...

@amod: You've said it all :)

@FR: Hmm, I suppose a lone warrior doesn't get too far...

Divinity said...
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Divinity said...

Megz dear....I know time is real hard on you right now....But i promise it'll get over.....How i wish i cud be there for you to cheer you up and support u as always...
Darling dont waste your tears or burn in this heat of seperation...sail through it and fight it with all your courage.... Destiny won dare to challenge you again...i know you're a strong gal love...God bless ya always...

Mirage said...

@divinity: Tins ya, m so glad i hv u with me, along with so many of my frnds. I just hope he has someone too.

anonme said...

i just stumbled upon this blog.. i cant believe that someone just portrayed how i am feeling right now.. well! i just thought everyone was so happy around me.. there are many more souls like me then! despite being cheerful the pain within me doesn't seem to diminish!
u hang in there gal.. and i hope you are feeling better now!