Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Life once was
a myriad of hues
Now drained of color
save for blues

Like day and night
like black and white
It’s dim and dull
devoid of light

The day you left
I bade goodbye
To pinks and reds
and shades of joy

Now I live
In tones of grey
Clinging to the past
A shadow of dismay


Ashu said...

Come gurl, let me hug you. if that could take some pain away and let the barbed wires of hurt let you free for some time.



Naresh said...

Life, my friend, is all about moving on from things that were to things that would come our way! Everything happens for something better. Am sure something better is on your way. Just have patience... :)

Mirage said...

@Ashu: Thanks so much...hugs can do wonders :)

@Naresh: Thanks for that...I feel positive already :)

Standbymind said...

" Shadow of dismay.."
perfectly expressed...
just perfect@

John F said...

At least you have the honesty to admit that you adopted the shades of gray and did not blame the entire universe for this calamity that the powers that be befell on you.

Honest people have a strength they often are unaware of. Close your eyes, cross your legs and dig deep within, reach that pool of pent up strength and break that damn holding it back. Let the torrent unleash and carry you up beyond the spectrum of these colors with its force.


KP said...

I hope u come out of has so much to offer dont miss on it...:)

desperado said...

I hope the colours come back....they will
take care buddy

annie said...

Meghz u just rock with words..Your words echo my feelings so much. So painfully wonderful poem.Hugzzzzzz

Rohit Talwar said...

The colours WILL come back and we WILL read a happy post once you let them.

Be good.

Mirage said...

@standbymind: Thanks for visiting!

@John F: I won't give up :)

@kp: Good advice...will keep it in mind. Thanks for dropping by! :)

@Dhruv: I hope so too

@Annie: I wish you didnt feel the same... *hugs back*

@Rohit: Autumn in my life...waiting for spring again :)

Shy said...

hugs! take care, and for sure, when you will the colours to come back, they will.

Bu Thyab said...

Well written I must say. Using colours to convey the feelings, I really liked it!

Nice and simple.