Sunday, March 13, 2005

crazy thing called love!

isnt love grand!?
wowowow i'm not the one who's in love! but its gr8 to see that most of my frnds are! there's ritika who's recently made a bf, n then there's netra who's started lookin lovelorn all of a sudden! then bhajji who smiles everytime he calls bt dznt admit that he's the one!! silly girl! n then there's milo! i dont know wht to do wid her! n kunal too...why cant they make up their mind! they both know theyre perfect for each other! oh btw i'm the mediator here! i have to patiently lend my ear to both these 2 n try and give them some words of wisdom! sigh! kunal's totally head over heels for milo, n milo knows he's become more than a u c the problem is nobody's sayin anything! theyre both thinkin bout the future! sure its a good thing...u shud think something tht hasnt even strtd cant hv a future! i wish they'd ferget abt whts gonna happen n concentrate on whts happening rt now! its not easy to find true love...heck i know that better than any1 else! bt its rt here infront of them n they're letting it go by! i wish they'd hold on to it or it might just b too late! jes keepin my fingers crossed for these lovebirds! hope everything turns out fine..for every1!