Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Shoe People

Stilettos, flats, wedges, tie-ups, sports shoes…I love em all! I suffer from a shoe fetish…I’m crazy about em! I guess it’s a girl thing…but there’s something extraordinary about shoes. I think the kind of shoes people wear, defines their personality. Whenever I meet someone new, my attention first goes to their feet. Believe me, I’m completely put off by someone without a decent shoe sense. Anyway, I was talking about shoe personalities. I’ve actually analyzed people by their shoes, and more often than not, my observations hit bull’s-eye!

For instance, my friend TS wears delicate, pretty kinda shoes… stilettos, or strappy things, or closed shoes that resemble a doll’s footwear! She’s a typical girl! Soft spoken, feminine and a romantic. Thinks more from her heart than her head.

Another friend of mine, AG, loves wearing sports shoes. Not too stylish, keeps it simple. Also, he’s more into greys and blacks. He’s a football freak and a geek!

Then there’s NA. She’s got a whole collection of shoes in the latest styles and variety of colours! She’s vivacious, fashion conscious and has a very vibrant nature.

Another classmate of mine, AB, wears floaters mostly. Anywhere he goes, he has them on. He’s laidback, easygoing, slightly shabby but quite adorable.

And of course, there’s Milo. The woman has a hoard of shoes! Mostly black and red, her shoes are flat or with a very tiny heel. And they’re simple but stylish and quite sexy! She’s a no-nonsense person but lets her hair down once in a while! Thinks from her head, but lets her heart lead in some cases…
I could go on about my ‘shoe- people’. My own shoes speak volumes about me! Which is why I’m so particular about how I dress up my feet! :P I love observing everybody but that doesn’t mean I let my assumptions stop me from talking to them. I just like to start on the right ‘foot’!

Saturday, September 16, 2006

The Day After...

Yesterday's special 'Birthday Feeling' still hasn't left me. All thanks to my family and friends who made sure I had the best time, even if they weren't with me. Got extra phonecalls at midnight for starters! Till 8 in the morning my phone rang off the hook. Good wishes piling up gave me a fuzzy feeling inside. Then mom n dad had couriered a birthday card that made my heart swell with love. Holding it was like being hugged inside out. The best feeling ever.

In college, I got a lotta hugs and good wishes from my classmates. Cut the cake with them all. Its amazing how people go out of their way to make you feel special. Then just hung out with them till evening. Went out for dinner with my roomie and treated myself to some wine. I've reached the legal age after all!

Then my parents called. They were cutting the cake for me. Putting the phone on speaker mode, my whole family sang 'Happy Birthday' as they cut the cake. I felt like I was right there, with them! My niece had made such a cute card that was scanned and sent to me on email. I was so happy, I cried!

As the day got over, I bid goodbye to 'my day'. But there was more to come. Today I recieved a bunch of cards and gifts from my close friends in Delhi. And Milo, my best friend, had wrote to me on a card that was given to her by her grandma and was her most treasured possession. I can't believe I'm so lucky. Lucky to have so many people who love me. I can't thank God enough for blessing me with so much joy.

It was a wonderful day. With each birthday I'm reminded of not only how special I am, but of the very special people around me who would always be there for me no matter where I am. I only wish I can do as much for them, if not more. Love 'em!

Friday, September 08, 2006


It’s strange, that the things you’ve been wanting to get away from are the things you miss most, when they aren’t there.

Little things- your desk, your cupboard, even the framed picture on your side-table… their absence makes a huge difference. My daily routine goes into a whirl without all of these.

People. We don’t realize their importance in our life until they’re not there. I was so used to seeing my mum around in the morning…calling out from the kitchen. Or dad, doing his exercise. Or my brother looking for the newspaper (that I rightfully claimed before him).Or even the maid going about her chores. I never thought twice about all this, until now. God, how I miss them all.

Now it’s just me. In a bright, hollow room. In someone else’s house. With someone else’s bed. And someone else’s family.

But living my own life.

I’m settling in with time. But don’t want to settle down too much with this new routine. Coz more changes will follow. New things in place of the old. And then I’ll have to start from scratch. Again. And again.