Saturday, September 20, 2008

Au Revoir

Hi folks! I'm back, and all married by now! Gosh that does feel strange! Had a blast on the wedding, and an even more amazing honeymoon! Oh btw, we decided to do Uttarakhand: Corbett, Ranikhet, Kausani, Binsar and Nainital. Mindblowing natural beauty. Binsar was my favorite, coz it wasn't like a typical honeymoon destination at all. It was in a resort right inside the forest, and we didnt have a 5 star luxury suite, but a treehouse cottage! The 13 km forest trek was the cherry on top! I never imagined i could find such serenity, so close to home. The other places were just as beautiful and romantic. And thank goodness, it wasn't raining. In fact, the weather was slightly chilly... just the way I like it! Had the best time ever, and I love my hubby for that! :)

Anyway, coming to point, I'm abandoning lifeheadon. After a month of being married, and living by yourself, I've realized it's not exactly cakewalk. There are suddenly less hours in a day and lots to be done. And trust me, it's an eye-opener for someone like me, who doesn't know the first thing about running a home! So my blog is one of the many things I will have to give up, also because I won't be able to do justice to it. Just wanna say it's been a wonderful experience being here, and whaddyuknow I might just decide to come back later, with more grown up posts maybe! :) Will miss you all, and of course my email ID is on my profile, so anyone of my blogger buddies can just drop in a mail, if you miss me too! ;) Take care you guys... love you all! Mwah!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Honeymoon Woes

Finally got time to pen down something! Whew!

Weddings are crazy. Seriously folks, the single ones and the ones in the process of tying the knot, always go for a court marriage, if you want to remain sane till the D-day. There's just so much to plan! Right from finding the right dates, to arranging for the venue, to making the guest list, to deciding what to put on the cards, to shopping, to packing, to deciding for the honeymoon... ah yes, that one still needs to be done. Aaargh!

This is probably the first time in my entire 22 years of existence, that I'm cursing the monsoons. I, rain-lover, don't want it to rain. That's because in the month of July, it's raining everywhere!!

Honeymoon planning isn't as easy as we thought it would be. Sure it's easy to say, hey go to Europe, or the States, or Scandinavia... but because both my fiance and I have a time constraint, we decided we don't want to waste half the day in traveling. so all of the above is ruled out, including Australia.

China... you must be kidding. Pakistan, Afghanistan, all the other 'stans'... maybe one day, but not for a honeymoon. Egypt, Dubai and other Middle Eastern places... too hot. Africa... um, no thank you.

That left us with Mauritius, Bhutan, Indonesia, Singapore, Maldives, Phillipines and the like. Oh did I mention, that it's gonna be RAINING?!

So, dejected, we come back to Mera Bhaarat Mahaan. Rajasthan... too hot and too boring. Maharashtra... nope. Gujrat... too hot. Kerala... RAINS! Darjeeling, Sikkim...very appealing, but rains again, and there's some political unrest there I believe. Coming to North India, Leh sounded great, but I don't know whether it's the best place for a honeymoon. Kashmir, again very appealing, but alas, unsafe. I don't want a 'Roja' happening. Himachal, I've practically lived there all my life, so no point going there. And Uttaranchal, umm, not exactly WOW, although the Ananda Spa did catch our attention. We also thought of Coorg and Kodaikanal, but my fiance's been there and seen all.

So now, I'm so frustrated that I've told him to do what he wants, and surprise me.

High hopes... sigh!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

I love Delhi today!

It's awesome, awesome, AWESOME weather here! Everyone knows how much I love the rains, and this time it's pouring so much! And it's May! Yipeee! I hope this continues till July! ;) I so love my city these days, all green and wet and great-smelling! Sighhh

Monday, April 28, 2008

The Bride

She tips her face elegantly
And dusts her cheeks with pink
Widens her eyes, fluttering lashes
Darkening them with kohl
She then puckers her lips
And paints them a deep red
Her neck, ears and forehead
Laden with jewels
The subtle scent of henna
Floating through the air
The melody of her bangles echoes
As she slips them on
Her dress sparkles in the bright yellow lights
Like diamonds in the rough
The watery music of her trinkets reverberates
As she takes slow, uncertain steps
Downcast eyes,
Bearing a demure look
Taking on the beauty of the night
She reflects an eternal glow
All eyes on her,
Greeting her with smiles
The girl that she once was
Has turned into a woman
They now call her: The Bride

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Mixed Emotions

This past month has rushed by, without me getting to know it. Just flew by. Life suddenly feels like a roller coaster ride- exciting, yet intimidating. Seen and felt so much… just hope the happiness encircling me now lasts forever.

In a matter of less than 31 days, I juggled so many roles, all at once. I now belong to two families, instead of one. And I fell in love, all over again. Gosh, it really did happen real fast. My heart skips a beat when I think of the uncertainty that lies before me. But I’m also getting the “butterflies-in-my-stomach” feeling that one gets before stepping into something new and exciting. A barrel of mixed emotions… that’s how I’d define the last few days.

Hope the future is as fulfilling as the present.

Monday, March 10, 2008

One fine day…

There are times when life gives you surprises. Big ones. This is one of them.

In my 22 years, I have seen several ups and downs, in terms of my career, friendships, relationships and life, in general. I thought, I had more or less experienced every phase of life, and could deal with just about anything that came my way. I was wrong.

It was an ordinary, boring Tuesday, and I was just lazing around. Mum returned from one of her get-togethers and shook me out of my daydream. “Wake up! I have news for you!” She proceeded to tell me there’s a ‘rishta’ that’s come for me, and what a great guy he is, and his family is even nicer, yada yada. I ignored most of it, and lashed out at her when it started to get annoying.

The rest of my family gathered together for a “meeting” in the evening, and ripped apart, the profile of the guy. After about 45 mins of discussion, they declared him, “the perfect guy”. The next thing I knew, my profile and pictures were emailed to the family, and phones were ringing off the hook. What followed was a whole week of frustration, screaming, shouting and lots of tears.

The same week, on Saturday, his parents came to meet me. I was cordial. Everything went ‘well’, and they decided to call the boy to Delhi for a meeting. The whole of next week went by, as if in a moment. At first, when I met him, I thought he was this really knowledgeable, intelligent, mature, worldly-wise individual. But when we actually got talking, I realized there really was a fun side to him, and he allayed my fears of “our mental wavelength” not matching. Though I’ve met him only twice, I can’t deny the fact, that I did like him. He has this ‘genuineness’ about him that is truly unique. Now of course I can’t testify for everything, but for a first meeting, he made a pretty good impression.

So, the surprise part is that I am getting married. Today is the betrothal ceremony. I still can’t believe it, as it’s all happened so fast. And on top of that, it’s an arranged marriage. The wedding, of course will happen much later. But then again, I can’t say, with the way things are going. I just hope, I’ve made the right decision. Through all this, I’ve learnt one thing: if something has to happen, it will. And that everything is OK in the end.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

99 Problems

Oh god, the times couldn’t be worse. My head’s exploding with all the stress…and guess what, it’s not work-related. I didn’t know, being at home could be more taxing! And to top it all, one of my best friends isn’t talking to me. It’s amazing how one stupid joke can make someone so ‘judgmental’ about you. They start pointing fingers at your friendship. Wow. That feels nice, doesn’t it? It really hurts, though… really does. Hard to fight tears, but hey, what the heck, life sure is a bitch.

I know I’ve given the title as 99 problems, but there aren’t as many. Although it just feels that way. I just can’t stand mess, and today when I got back from work, my whole room was topsy turvey. Just kinda lost it, and screamed at my folks. I know I’m wrong, but am too stubborn to apologize. Bah!

There are other things on my mind, that I can’t really disclose at the moment. But they sure are making me lose sleep. The thought of thinking about what’s going to happen is freaking me out. Thank God I’m not coming back home tomorrow. Maybe I’ll find some solace with my friends. Sighh…

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

It's all fake

Caution: Controversial post ahead. Nor recommended for people with weak hearts. Really.

The other day while having breakfast, Mum had switched on to one of those zillion ‘spiritual’ channels on TV, where some very “wise” person was ‘imparting wisdom’. I couldn’t help overhearing what she was saying. The gist of what she was preaching was something like, Christians do this, Muslims do that, but us Hindus- we are supreme, we try and bring the world together…in short, we are God’s gift to mankind. I smirked, and told my mom to stop watching that crap. Of course she disagreed with me. What are mothers for, after all?!

Anyway, I thought about that TV programme on my way to work. I thought to myself, ‘how can they allow such a thing to be aired on national TV?’ The woman was clearly instigating religious differences. She was droning about Hindus as if we were the best thing to have happened to the world, and the others were all trash! It’s not like I’m against any God, I know we’re free to practice any religion of our choice. But what irks me is why they try to compete with each other in the name of religion. Are they so insecure about their foundation, that they have to judge their ‘success’ by the number of followers they have? We all know we’re not saints. What good is a man who prays every morning, and beats his wife every night? He just lives in the illusionary world he’s created for himself, about being good and benevolent. Every time he commits a sin, he validates it by telling himself, it’s in the name of God. I’m a good man. This is not a sin at all!

You want to know what we ‘Hindus’ actually do? Well, we’re a bunch of hypocrites who stab each other in the back, the first chance we get. We rape our women, burn them, even, and treat them like dirt most of the time. We fight with our family members over frivolous, materialistic things, and we do not hesitate to murder each other if we get the opportunity. We use expletives after every second word when we talk and think it to be the most natural thing in the world. We cheat. We steal. We hate. We conspire. We kill.

Ring a bell? The funny thing about this is, you’ll find these kinds of people everywhere. In every religion. I guess there isn’t so much difference between us after all. So why do we want to create disparities, when none exist?

Disclaimer: It’s not like I’m against any religion. I’m not. And I’m not even an atheist. It’s just sad to see how we have made it a discipline that is imposed on people instead of a way of reaching God. We’ve segregated ourselves into so many communities, it’s almost like there are breeding records for animals.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Shy's Musical Tag

Taking up Shy's tag after a long time. This was kinda interesting since it involved music! All you gotta do is put your media player in the shuffle mode and every new song becomes the answer to the questions below. No cheating people, you might get some really funny answers, but some songs would be so apt, you'd be surprised! So here goes:

Vindicated- Dashboard Confessional, OST Spiderman 2... (er didn't make too much sense!)

Aicha- Outlandish (hmm....sure)

Baatein kuchh ankahee si- Life in a Metro (ankahee no)

Here without you- 3 Doors down (Yea well, that wasn't so hard to figure out)

Life for rent- Dido (hey this sounds right)

Now and forever- Richard Marx (

Bend the world- Thermal and a quarter (That's what they keep telling me though)

Wake up call- Prodigy (To get one from them)

Killing me Softly- Hugh Grant (the song or Hugh Grant!)

WHAT IS 2+2?
Roshni Se- Asoka (???)

Awaken- Them clones (ah yes, awakening)

I want to break free-Queen (Heeeheee)

Shaam- Water (Aw that's too sad)

Almost a whisper- Yanni (hmmm.....gotta experience this)

Saawariya (Oh come on)

Said I loved you but I lied- Michael Bolton (*Evil grin*)

Your love alone is not enough- Manic Street Preachers (Really? Awwww)

This love is taking it’s toll on me (Doesn't quite go, does it)

Hotride- Prodigy (oooh)

Of Wolf and Man- Metallica (They're animals for sure!)

Meray Log- Noori (Yesh!)

Whew! So that's that! Now Milo, Divinity, TripleSix, Rohit, Annie, Ashu, John F....actually anyone who's got the time and who can be a sport can go do this tag! Have fun folks!

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The Ugly Duckling

I’m not made for this world
It doesn’t let me dream

I can’t spread my wings here
Someone keeps cutting them off

I want to fall in love
But all I get is a bottomless pit

I take people on face value
Only to find a knife stuck in my back

I say what’s on my mind
And still get misunderstood

I want life to go slow, so I can savor every moment
But time just keeps slipping out of reach

I can’t taste the water
All I taste are the tears

A rocky past, an uncertain future
And a present that feels like a curse

I’m not made for this world
It doesn’t let me be

Friday, January 04, 2008

The Business of Emotions

If you live in New Delhi, you must be aware of the beggar menace here. They’re just about everywhere, but I feel their most common haunt are the traffic signals. However, the interesting thing to note here is that these beggars don’t just “beg”. They sell. And how!

It’s always amazed me to see how creative these people are. Traffic Signals are actually very good business playgrounds for these people. The innovation they bring in every single day is really mind boggling. From books to newspapers, from balloons to dusters, from paintings to idols, you get everything on the streets. Some of them are even pretty good gymnasts and perform flawlessly on footpaths. If it’s Christmas, they’ll sell Santa caps. If it’s Saturday, they come with a donation can in the name of Lord Shiva. If it’s Valentine’s Day, they sell just about everything from flowers to perfumes to all sorts of gifts. What I think was absolutely the last straw was when I came out from a movie hall after watching Taare Zameen Par, I was greeted by kid beggars carrying drawings that apparently they had ‘made’ themselves. You’ll know how this is relevant if you’ve seen the film, which talks about a dyslexic child who is a gifted artist. But anyway, the point is these guys play on our emotions so well, we almost miss it.

It’s not like they’re handicapped. If only they would put their creative skills to better use... I seriously believe they would make excellent marketing managers. It’s just sad to see all that energy go waste. I don’t pity them. Because they are capable of doing a lot more to sustain themselves.