Tuesday, March 04, 2008

99 Problems

Oh god, the times couldn’t be worse. My head’s exploding with all the stress…and guess what, it’s not work-related. I didn’t know, being at home could be more taxing! And to top it all, one of my best friends isn’t talking to me. It’s amazing how one stupid joke can make someone so ‘judgmental’ about you. They start pointing fingers at your friendship. Wow. That feels nice, doesn’t it? It really hurts, though… really does. Hard to fight tears, but hey, what the heck, life sure is a bitch.

I know I’ve given the title as 99 problems, but there aren’t as many. Although it just feels that way. I just can’t stand mess, and today when I got back from work, my whole room was topsy turvey. Just kinda lost it, and screamed at my folks. I know I’m wrong, but am too stubborn to apologize. Bah!

There are other things on my mind, that I can’t really disclose at the moment. But they sure are making me lose sleep. The thought of thinking about what’s going to happen is freaking me out. Thank God I’m not coming back home tomorrow. Maybe I’ll find some solace with my friends. Sighh…


Rohit Talwar said...

Friends eventually get ok :)

And hey, take it easy - hope you had fun with your friends. Be good.

desperado said...

take a deep breath....rest a while..and well then..fight again :)
a smile is round the corner...take care

Ekta said...

aww..well dont worry sweetheart...just one of those times when things appear messed up...it'll all get sorted out soon!

mayz said...

good u goin out...drink, laugh, drink a lil more....n forget :)
tk cr

Deepali said...

I didn’t know, being at home could be more taxing! Tell me about it.

I couldn't agree more and in my case I guess it's because at home I can't really 'fix' the issues like I would at work.

anuj said...

well yes rohit is right .. friends get ohk after sometime .. but things get bad if both parties are equally stubborn .. its kinda imp that one takes a step forward, not sayin who, but neone taking a step frwrd helps.

Mind is such a creep, it is alwyz engrossed in one or the other problem, it is more of thinker which dwells over the issues rather then providing a solution rightaway.

but hey, you should be fine, especially after hanging around with friends for a while.

take care n smile
cheers :)

Mirage said...

@Rohit: yea i did, but i got bak home too soon.

@Dhruv: Well i hope it finds me soon!

Yuppie said...

How life gets upside down wen u fight ur best friend, rite?? And worse if its for something very very trivial.. shit happens.. But the best thing abt them is they get back to u.. and life gets back to normalcy.. so chin up and smile

TripleSix said...

i hope the dirt on friendship wasn't because of me..anyhow,seems like u've stopped visiting my blog...i havn't written anythin new,but i will,in another day or two....

take care

Anonymous said...

I totally agree. Life at home is so much harder- my mom keeps waking me up before the sun is setting and bugging me to take a bath! Every day is such a trial, I tell you.

But never forget that homes are where the comps and parent-paid phone lines are... there's always the silver linings. And if life's such a bitch, scratch her behind the ear for a bit and everything'll be better.

SmartOxymoron, Ex.
"No cloud, all silver lining"

P.S. Yes, I'll take some Bhao, Paji, but makkhan mar ke plees :P

John F said...

One of those times eh?
Always reminds me of this famous quote

"Dont worry this too shall pass."

And if you are wondering about the origins of this comment, go watch My Best Friend's Wedding :-D

Dont worry Mirage, this too shall pass. All you need is some good company!

Mirage said...

@Ekta: well one of em is sorted out for now...lets see :)

@Mayz: Best advice i've gotten till now ;)

@Deepali: Gosh seriously!

@Anuj: Yep! Friends are the greatest healers!

@Yuppie: Yep, well that issue is sorted out, so i'm all happy now!

@Nika: You %&@^*! Why dyu think its always u!? Psycho chick! And I do visit ur space, and will do so soon agen

@Ex SOxy: Hmm, since u put it that way, I guess I'm nt in such a bad state after all! And have all the Bhao and Paji u want...but ur nt gettin any makkhan...nope.

@John F: Hehe I have seen the movie, and i cn totally relate to wht ur sayin! ;)

gunj said...

happenz all the time with me...stupid jokes turn into huge fights...nuffin seems to b goin right...but eventually it all gets ok...u just gotta wait fo good times :)

Solitaire said...

Do not worry. Everything works out in the end. It does!!

unforgiven said...

That's when you thank God for simple things like having another day :)

I guess no one needs to tell you that things will work out; they always do. These instances of having everything just crash around you are good though, they build tolerance.