Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Honeymoon Woes

Finally got time to pen down something! Whew!

Weddings are crazy. Seriously folks, the single ones and the ones in the process of tying the knot, always go for a court marriage, if you want to remain sane till the D-day. There's just so much to plan! Right from finding the right dates, to arranging for the venue, to making the guest list, to deciding what to put on the cards, to shopping, to packing, to deciding for the honeymoon... ah yes, that one still needs to be done. Aaargh!

This is probably the first time in my entire 22 years of existence, that I'm cursing the monsoons. I, rain-lover, don't want it to rain. That's because in the month of July, it's raining everywhere!!

Honeymoon planning isn't as easy as we thought it would be. Sure it's easy to say, hey go to Europe, or the States, or Scandinavia... but because both my fiance and I have a time constraint, we decided we don't want to waste half the day in traveling. so all of the above is ruled out, including Australia.

China... you must be kidding. Pakistan, Afghanistan, all the other 'stans'... maybe one day, but not for a honeymoon. Egypt, Dubai and other Middle Eastern places... too hot. Africa... um, no thank you.

That left us with Mauritius, Bhutan, Indonesia, Singapore, Maldives, Phillipines and the like. Oh did I mention, that it's gonna be RAINING?!

So, dejected, we come back to Mera Bhaarat Mahaan. Rajasthan... too hot and too boring. Maharashtra... nope. Gujrat... too hot. Kerala... RAINS! Darjeeling, Sikkim...very appealing, but rains again, and there's some political unrest there I believe. Coming to North India, Leh sounded great, but I don't know whether it's the best place for a honeymoon. Kashmir, again very appealing, but alas, unsafe. I don't want a 'Roja' happening. Himachal, I've practically lived there all my life, so no point going there. And Uttaranchal, umm, not exactly WOW, although the Ananda Spa did catch our attention. We also thought of Coorg and Kodaikanal, but my fiance's been there and seen all.

So now, I'm so frustrated that I've told him to do what he wants, and surprise me.

High hopes... sigh!


Rohit Talwar said...

I hope you like the surprise, man. Otherwise..

Sandeep R said...

ah you've ruled out every possible place on the earth! :P

Did you think of Brazil and latin America??
Oh.. you don't want to travel much!

Try Macau.. near Hong Kong.. Vegas of east ;)

btw when's the d-day??

Vrij said...

Do try Yercaud in TN or head to Rameshwaram.. spiritual and lovely too!

desperado said...

your fiance has a big job in hand now :)

nd Uttaranchal not wow :X ..hehe visit binsar n kausani you might change your view :)

gunj said...

too much thinking there!!
hope u guys find d bestest place!! :)
gud luck!

KP! said...

wow...i cant even think of any suggestions! Everything is covered here!

manuscrypts said...

..there's no place like home? :) awesome start though :D

Anonymous said...

kerala M, go there...god s own country n it really peaks on monsooons

Anonymous said...

kerala M, go there...god s own country n it really peaks on monsooons

the Monk said...

Gokarna, in Karnataka...lovely beaches...

jan said...

heys mirage.
hmm...i dont travel much nd dont have any suggestions to give.:(

but wherever u go, jus have lotsa fun nd be happy!! :D


Mirage said...

@Rohit: I don't wanna go on that tangent at all!

@Sandeep: I don't know what's on his mind now. Sigh! The D-day's on Jul 18... *gulp*

@Vrij: Guess it's all up2 him now :)

@Dhruv: I knw, i've heard abt it a lot. But vo bhi jayenge... kisi din!

@Gunj: Sure hope so, or he's a goner!

@KP: hehe now u can imagine!

@Manu: Er, yea. *Groan*

@Ashu: We almost did go there, but what's the point of being stuck in one place. We won't b able to move out much coz of the rains.

@the monk: Too late, he's already gone ahead with the bookings.

@Jan: Thanks sweetie! :)

aliya said...

surprises.. yummm.. i love them.. hope u like urs too :)

mayz said...

so did u guys finally decide on a place??

TripleSix said...

main toh kehti hoon...delhi ya mumbai mein kar

Stone said...

ohh...tough job in hand for him.

Don't try to cover too many places, just stick to one or two places.

Mirage said...

@Aliya: Sure hope so! Keepin my fingers crossed!

@Mayz: Guess he has... but I'm not supposed to know yet

@Nika: Teri toh....!!

@Stone: Guess that's what he's planning on...

RJ said...

Andaman Nicobar Islands? Lakswadeep?

Wat ya guys decided?

Mehul Jain said...

Arrey yeh sabh chodh bout trying rains there...only biharis.....humre bahut connectionwa hain wahan....bolo toh numberwa ghumaayein....:P

Nepali Akash said...

come to Pokhara.

Rohit Talwar said...


Shy said...

Update, gal!