Monday, April 28, 2008

The Bride

She tips her face elegantly
And dusts her cheeks with pink
Widens her eyes, fluttering lashes
Darkening them with kohl
She then puckers her lips
And paints them a deep red
Her neck, ears and forehead
Laden with jewels
The subtle scent of henna
Floating through the air
The melody of her bangles echoes
As she slips them on
Her dress sparkles in the bright yellow lights
Like diamonds in the rough
The watery music of her trinkets reverberates
As she takes slow, uncertain steps
Downcast eyes,
Bearing a demure look
Taking on the beauty of the night
She reflects an eternal glow
All eyes on her,
Greeting her with smiles
The girl that she once was
Has turned into a woman
They now call her: The Bride


Anonymous said...

thats cool.

Rohit Talwar said...

Really well written. Are you now waiting nuts to be doing all this! :D

Desparado said...

beautiful poem & the image too is beyond comparison...nice post!

Anonymous said...

Lovely poem, it is... And why not - it was written by a To-be-BRIDE!! ;)

Yuppie said...

Nice... Very Nice.. Looking forward to this arent we??

Stone said...

Best wishes!

Tshhar Mangal said...

Nice blog :-)
Wrote few words about it on my blog
DO check it out

Thank you

Edgar Dantas said...

hey nice blog really enjoyed goin through it really nice post too.I really appreciate it
with regards
edgar dantas

mayz said...

d happiness thr was so beautifully expressed...d look sketched in memory forever...d moment frozen
n i kno whr dat is comin from so it sounds even more pure n beautiful

Mez said... it to him if u haven't. Too gud!

shy said...


Mirage said...

@ashu: :)

@Rohit Talwar: Ahem well... *blush blush*

@Dhruv: Thanks!

@Explorer: Hmmmm vo to hai! ;)

@Yuppie: That's one way to put it...

@Stone: thanks!

@tshhar mangal: Hey thanks for the appreciation! :) Keep visiting...

@Edgar Dantas: Thanks for visiting. :)

@Mayz: :) Kinda excited abt it too...

@Mez: I did :)

@Shy: Thanks sweetie!

gunj said...

hey dats sucha pretty picha!
is dat u in it??
also wen is d D day??

John F said...

And 4-5 years into the marriage, shed be the woman the husband would carry a photo of in the upper pocket of his shirt, drinking away to glory in the bar telling the bar man that he would head back home once he has had enough alcohol in the system that she starts looking beautiful...LOLL!!

Sorry but I couldnt resist this small joke :D

Anonymous said...

hey M, u tagged

Ashish Shakya said...

You know who else is called The Bride? Uma Thurman bloodthirsty character in Kill Bill. Interesting comparison, no?

Mirage said...

@gunj: thx! nope thts not me ya... D day's on July 18 :)

@John F: yea yea yea, laugh all you want... that aint happening, no way!

@Ashu: Oh ok, will check it out

@Ashish: Er...yeaaa...very. Tho I really hv no intentions of bloodshed, not yet anyway! ;)

gunj said...

so soon!
u must b busy shopping n all dat han!
lucky u!!

John F said...

You are tagged!

PS: All that I told you the other day over chat is indeed true!

Voodoo Woman! said...

The words have been put SOO beautiful..It actually makes u create an intense visual image. Keep it going girl :-) Maybe, THIS is going to be your MUSE for a long while to go :)

Anonymous said...

do the tag n update blog pl M