Sunday, August 06, 2006

****ing Chinese

They're doing it again! The stupid Oriental brutality is at its best. Killing dogs. Oh I'm sorry did I say 'killing'? That's too small a word. What I meant was 'butchering' or 'slaying' or 'slaughtering' innocent creatures for no reason at all. I don't know what sadistic pleasure these fuckers derive from it.

They werent satisfied with murdering 50,000. They wanna take the number upto 5 lacs. That's nice isn't it? They might even enter the World Records for the highest number of innocent animal deaths. Might as well kill humans.

Theyre killing each and every dog they can lay their slimy hands on under the false pretext of 'eradicating rabies'. Gimme a break! What's the idea of paying the owners to kill their own pets?? Who gave them the authority to do that? And theyre beating the dogs to death in front of their guardian's eyes. For the love of God, can anyone tell me WHY!??


dwaipayan said...

it made me come to this conclusion.. to be the govt..u need to be a dumba**

anuj said...

ruthless world ..

dogs r kinds cute ( nt all though ) .. nd its worse to kill nething cute :((

well, the reason cud be threat of some new disease .. wthelse .. or may be thy want a dog free nation .. i wonder why !!

so dnt worry .. one day thy will also be dogs .. evry dog will have his day thn ..

Mr. Maverick said...

Hmm.. sad of course. Take a deep breath.

Is your boy friend in China? Tell him to be careful.

Mirage said...

@dwaipayan: Screw the govt! Why can't WE do somethin for a change??

@anuj: I just wish all the dogs kinda turn into wolves and rip those assholes apart!

@arun: If you dont tell that Chinese girl of urs to do somethin...then YOU gotta be careful! >:(

Mr. Maverick said...

I am a monkey, and luckily monkeys dont have much resemblance with dogs



milo said...

my god!! i do not want to believe dat d guardians r killing their own pets fr d sake of money...i wish they hav enough wisdom to take d rite decision.

TripleSix said...

yeah,i saw the pics in the was really sad...

the first page had about the islamic issue, n the last one had about the dogs..

u know y this way of eradicatin the rabbies..the Chi govt thinks it's the easiest way of doin so....dn't they know it's the lengthiest and the muckiest of all...with all the blood spillin,how much time will be consumed in cleanin them too..

by the way,the chineese have forgotten tht as per their's the dog year....

surely one!!!!

SmartOxymoron said...

Disgusting, yes, but you have to learn to accept that cruelty and disregard for life are a part of human nature.

Do what you can to make things better, but dont fret over something you cant touch.

Pegasus said...

obvious symphaties aside,
you mean you'd rather they do what we do...

have mongrels own the streets?

yeah maybe killing isn't the best way, but you have a better idea?