Saturday, July 22, 2006

Mumbai Matinee

My first week in The Big Apple of India was, extremely eventful, to say the least! I knew it rained a lot here, but there's a big difference in knowing...and feeling! I had not been able to find an accomodation in the first week so I was putting up at my brother's friend's house in the suburbs. Wayyy far from college. And the first 3 days it poured like it had never poured before. So I was stuck at home, watching rented dvds and playin with a bored 2 yr old. Not so gr8 huh!? When the rain gods finally decided to take a break, I bravely stepped out of the house to 'face the world'! Wht dyu knw, the shiv sainiks decide to start a riot the same day! Brilliant, aint it!?

There's more.

College started on the 10th of july. Mumbai was bombarded on the 11th of july. I felt sad for all those innocent people who lost their lives in the tragedy...why them? What did they do to face such inhuman treatment? But it was shocking to see that life went back to normal so soon. In fact the trains started the same night. Can't help but salute the spirit of this city.

I got a taste of the real Mumbai in the first week itself. I was a wreck when I left Delhi. Strangely, I feel safe now. I can't help but hum that old song..."Aye dil, hai mushkil jeena yaha...Zara hat ke, zara bach ke, ye hai Bombay meri jaan..."


friendinneed said...

hi sweetie, how r u doing? MIss U lOT. lOV Ya.

The Phoenix said...

The 'spirit-of-mumbai' notion is a much abused one. It certainly exists and can be goosebump-inducing(like in the case of the trains resuming service within a few hours), but I hate the way it's used as an excuse by politicians, as if we're a bunch of 2-yr olds who're being consoled by the 'grown-up' government about a broken toy:

"Aley beta...bomb blast ho gaya...hawww..koi bat nahin...tumhaare paas spirit-of-mumbai hai na..."

We travel in trains that are filled to triple capacity. We wade through flooded streets to get home, even as corpses float by. Our roads can give you multiple slipped discs.

Delhi eats up all our money, and when it shits, the two pennies that come out are given to us.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but after J&K, hasn't Bombay been the victim of most terrorist acts ?

Let's set spirit aside and see things for what they really are. Because if we don't, the city shall soon be dead and only our spirits will remain.

On an lighter(and less frustrated)note, I'm glad that you like Bombay. We should meet up sometime now that you're here.

Random said...

i wish i was there...and i will be in december.

good to know the silly blog ban is over.

Rohit Talwar said...

I wish those mofos can be tracked..and killed like they played with the lives of so many innocent ones.

Which college in Mumbai? Master's? Where?

First Rain said...

Good to know you are safe. Stay that way and have a blast at college :)

cherubic_chipmunk said...

Jus a year ma'am n u'll never feel insecure in mumbai...coz urs truly posted there n will join in all probability...that is if greener pastures dont lure me away...hey n 'tis gr8 2 kno u're back 2 normalcy-my wishes-take care!

desperado said...

keep njoying mumbai

Mirage said...

@bhajji: Miss u all too :(

@Phoenix: Whew! Take a deep breath man! I knw its awful the way theyre treatin this...its all hue n cry and no1's really doin anythin abt it. But i think signing the TOI petition is a good start. Anyway, sure we'll ctch up...drop in an email sometime

@rash: hey ur comin here! Thats really cool! Bt december's wayy far...hope to get in touch wid u sometime :)

@Rohit: I'm in xaviers...XIC- xaviers inst of comm. Doin my post grad in PR n corp comm. Its THE place to be man...its rockin!

@FirstRain: I'm havin a blast... literally! ;)

@Arvind: Oooh yea that'll b fun! Come soon! :)

@Dhruv: I will! :)

Roy said...


Yeah "Aye dil, hai mushkil jeena yaha...Zara hat ke, zara bach ke, ye hai Bombay meri jaan..."

but still if u wanna celebrate, u'll get d reason to do it...if u wanna smile u'll get d reason to do it....if u wanna say thak u god u'll get d reason to say thank u god!!

all d best & enjoy amchiiiiiii mumbai..

dwaipayan said...

doing ur grads from mumbai??is it?? anyway best of luck!!

Prasoon said...

did u talk of a 2yr old who was bored.. what the?

well, your life at mumbai seems interesting - anyways, whatever said - mumbai to me is the loveliest city - the only one where there is LIFE that 'moves'!!

Rohit Talwar said...

Awesome! I've a friend in XIC.. Aarti.. Did you get to know her yet?