Monday, January 09, 2006

The call

Don’t u just hate it? Waiting for a call is soooo...aargh! Got an email from a friend the other day. The last line of which said, 'will give u a call sometime, maybe Saturday'. Ohk. Cool. No problem.

So its Saturday.
Wake up around 9.
Look at the phone.
Have milk.
Look at the phone.
Read the newspaper.
Look at the phone.
Go take a shower (no, no, the phone's outside!)
Come out and look at the phone.

Went online for some time. Maybe there's a mail from him saying he's somewhere in the Arctic and isn’t near a phone. Nope. No such luck. Sigh!

Try to study. Open my notes. "Satellite Communication in India...". I can feel my phone staring at me. The Calvin screen saver innocently lookin up at me with that evil! I'm not gonna look. I’m not looking.

And then...

*Beep beep*

I reach out and snatch the phone. One message received. Come on, come on, open inbox...friggin' Hutch! I toss my phone is disgust and try and concentrate on better things like Satellite Communication. Yea, right.

15 mins later I'm fast asleep over my books.

A couple of hours later, I wake to a the sound of a bell ringing...I hurriedly look at the phone. Oh, its the door. *Groan*!

Time passes. Between studying, reading a book and watching a film, the phone did not ring and my anxiety grew like never before.

Dinner time. The phone's as silent as if it were in a graveyard!

Finally I'm gettin ready for bed. Giving the stupid phone, one last hard look, I switch off the light and go to sleep.

5AM: The phone rings suddenly in my ear causing me to wake up with a jolt and bump my
forehead on the headboard. What the…oh the phone's ringing!!

"Hey, were you sleeping?"
It’s him. No one else can ask such an obvious question and then expect an answer.

After 15 mins of chitchat, we say our goodbyes...And then the inevitable.

"Ok, so take care...will give you a call sometime...bye!"

Oh, well.


Planck said...

Ohhh! Who's that special friend ;)

Arz000n said...

Is today Jan 11 or Jan 7...Im confused...lemme check the calendar and come back....

Pls wait for me okie...

Arz000n said...

I'm that kinda guy...

Just in the morning I wished one of ma colleague for her exams thru sms and she replied back saying, "If you an STD call think my test will go much better...", I replied back, "Sure I'll give you a call..."

Now its around 2pm...Im avoiding ma cell phony ;)

desperado said...

abe yeh post ki date ko kya hua....
11 jan..

and phone at 5 in d mornin n tht durin the winter season...

milo said...

woooooooo man!!!! awesome..can i actually beat
man this ws wat ws actually happening to me d last day.. its real fun n irritating too;-)
n i knw dear d call u had bn waiting fr..stupid libran..;-);-)
atleast he cald up..

TripleSix said...

666 is on the road to killjoy a lot of ppl who cn't get up...

now see the horns on the screen of ur cell..


johney said...

Ofcourse that is not unexpected. I think he deliberately, make you wait for his call the whole day and under full awareness of his action ( or the lack of it ) he called you at 5 AM!! It means this guy likes you a lot.

Mirage said...

@sneha: No one special or anything...its just that when some1 says they'll call me, it kinda gets registered in my brain and doesnt cease to nag me until i actually get the call! :) Neway thnx fr visiting!

@arz000n: Oh yea i didnt notice the date! Oh btw, I suggest u call that frnd of urs asap. Its impolite to keep a girl waiting... ;)

@dhruv: I've changed the date...pata nahi kaise 11th ho gaya! weird huh!? And yea 5 in the morn...some ppl can be so weird!

@milo: Lol! Just our luck!! :D

@666: Really? Dyu want me to call u at 2 in the afternoon whn ur in the middle of ur slumber? coz trust me,its no prob at all! >:]

@Johney: Yea? You think so? But I do wish there were better ways of knowing this, besides callin so early in the morning!

!xobile said...

mujhe to koi call hee nahi karta :D
isliye i dont have 2 wait

hotICE said...

ha ha ha!!! don't worry, I'll call you sometime;-)

jokes apart... that was a really hillarious sattirical take on the li'l tags in normal conversation.. good work

Keshi said...

lol I know Mirage..that suxx...unfortunatley it's always the case na...


Mirage said...

@zeexaggeratorr: oh! why are some people soo lucky!? >:[

@hotice: thnx buddy! n stop by more often! :)

@keshi: always always always! :(

!xobile said...

am i lucky ?
or the ppl who don't call me lucky ?

The Phoenix said...

Hey Mirage, what's your cell number? I'll give you a!
Oh and btw, what someone said in the previous comments could also be true - the 'delayed phone call' tactic is one of the many tools used for pataofying.
And you're studying Satellite Communication? You doin engg.? If so, then you would know by now that looking hard at the phone doesn't make it ring,although it's something we all do sometimes :-)

Rohit Talwar said...

i know how it feels! and also when people say 'will try to fix up a meeting...' and then u suddenly come to know there's no plan of that sort.. aaaggghhh

satellite communication? what for??

Mirage said...

@zeexaggeratorr: Since u put it that way... :D

@the phoenix: Jeez guys really think that a rude awakening can help them patao a girl!? Weird! Oh btw, I aint doin engg, I'm doin journalism, and neway i've found out the hard way that glaring at the phone dznt make it ring, coz it seems to have a mind of its own!

@rohit: hehe yea ur prbbly right... coz i do that all the time! n satellite communication is one of the many stupid topics of a subject of mine...i spose ur doin mass comm as u'll get to knw sooner or later what m talkin abt!

Random said...

i have just woken up from my slumber...whats this? is love in the air?

anuj said...

gr8 post megha.

Thts exactly wht happens.

Evn if theres nothin .. i jst check out my mobile evry 15 mins .. [ whn i m expectin someones call ] .. and it bugs u out. The mood is spoiled, the whole day suks . its really bad.

aND u just penned down those feelings .

nice one. damn this mobile :D .

the Monk said...

hmmm...I think I'll start using bugger from now on...nice post...funny...

My ID not me said...

5AM its a bit on the late side .. my preferred time is 2:30 AM .. and have called many a times .. and its always .. were u sleeping ?

But ya my experience is even i wait for 2:30 from say 6-7 in the evening.. looking at the phone and waiting, that i have to call

Mirage said...

@rash: love??! wowowo no way man!

@anuj: yea! feel like throwing it bt vo bhi nahi kar sakte!!

@varun: thnx! :)

@my id nt me: 2.30 AM is fine fr most ppl i fr early-to-bed ppl lk me thts late as well! :p

Thnx fr visiting man!

Rohit Talwar said...

arre...i have done that already!! :-|

manuscrypts said...

uhoh... sometime is such a huge timeframe :)

amod!! said...

finally you received the call!! The guy must have had a nightout, coz no one gets up at ungodly hours like 5 AM!!
PS-it's 0338 now! :)