Friday, January 06, 2006

Anuj's tag

Finally came out wid a silly rhyming story. Its exactly 55 I couldnt expand, and so it might sound slightly incomplete.

Spent New Year’s Eve,
Sitting around the flames
With family and friends
Eating, drinking, playing games

Music was in full swing
Danced the night away
Smiles lighted the dark night
All were merry and gay

And then the clock struck 12
We shouted ‘Happy New Year!’
Embraced one and all
Wished them all good cheer…

Anuj...I need a loooooong break after this. So no more tagging!!


puneet said...

i like the way u start some of ur posts with a picture. :)
keep up.

!xobile said...

nice nice...

All were merry and gay

i know what this means but still hahahahha

Arz000n said...

I so wanna tag you lady..
I so wanna tag you...dont know why...but I just wanna :)

Im evil na ??

Nice poem there...

Its exactly 55 words I wud've enjoyed counting words, but I dont konw if afta 29 its 30 or 41...

Lemme google for it and come back
Happy weekend Mirage :)

Rohit Talwar said...


very good!!

rock on!

exams coming up?????

anuj said...

thnkx. I nevr expected u wud do it :D

are ye rohit hai na .. he kept u on ur toes to post it :D .. but finally u came up wid a gud one .. great party .

and no more tags .. dont want any more abuses :p .

thknx again .

Mirage said...

@puneet: Yea i kinda like the idea of pics in my posts...thnx man! :)

@mr. chapaat: You naughty naughty boy!! :)

@arz00n: Dont even think abt it buster...grr!! You have a gr8 weekend too! :)

@rohit: thnx man! yea exams strting from the 12th...and ending on the 17th! Khali 2 not a very big deal...provided i study! :)

@anuj: arre how cud i not do it?! neway iske baad, nahi karungi! :)

TripleSix said...

good one megha...but wat's with the line.."merry n gay"...i think i shud be excluded frm the list of frnds who were there with u durin the new yr's bash for this
jst kiddin!!!
call me if u can..or let's fix up a conf...bye