Tuesday, October 25, 2005

In action!

Hey evry1! These are my goa pictures...i'm posting them a li'l late...and I'm only posting a few. But its proof that we all had a blast!! :D

At Vagador Beach:

Splashing at Calangute beach:

St. Francis Church:

Dancing aboard the cruise:


manuscrypts said...

hmm, you would have passed my insti on ur way to st.francis.. :(

D'yer Mak'er said...


Smartalec said...

wow! cool pics! brings back good ol' memories! goaaaa *sighs*
anyway, who might u be in the pics, may i ask:D?!

desperado said...

cool pics
but when will mirage be back to her writings

Kroopa Shah (Kr00pz) said...

Oooh, fun pics!!

D'yer Mak'er said...

so mirage also gets "irritated" at times...well i didn't know that...i always thought "the negotiator" never gets irritated!!!!!

p.s. so what else do you do mirage....apart from negotiatin n' gettin irritated!!!

D'yer Mak'er said...

anonymous said...

the snaps have been taken,without focus,on purpose,so tht strangers like u .. **dot dot dot dot dot**

now what do you mean by "strangers like you"...exactly whom are you referin to... n' how exactly did you manage to form a class of entire strangers...n' even included someone in that class by usin that "u" ...i'm not at all likin this "u" part!!!!!!

p.s. but strangers can still manage to recognize...atleast the desert illusionist!!!!!!

anuj said...

hey nice pics .. coz i didnt spotted a boy out there .. just kiddin. hmm u had a blast .. but i guess no proof was required .. ur enthusiatic posts said it all.

So whts happening now ??

Jithu said...

evident! okay :-)

Arz000n said...


Oh yeah...the last pic speaks out louder


Now I just hope that triplesix is not uploading the same one


the Monk said...

looks like you had fun...but which one is you, though?

Mirage said...

@manuscrypts: Um the Goa School of Management??

@steve: take a wild guess!

@dhruv: very soon!

@kroopa: Thnx! Fun times too!

@anuj: yea that was the only sad part...no guys! Well rt now, just a li'l busy wid diwali...the gifts, the sweets....the works!

@jithu: ;)

@arz000n: i dnt think so...she has a much better collection!

@varun: Shhh...top secret! ;)

Mirage said...

D'yer Maker: "Yummiee"??

I only negotiate between 2 irritating personalities...and sometimes their irritating characteristics rub off on me!

About that "strangers like u" part, I hv no idea what ur talkin abt, so be specific!

"Desert illusionist"!! LOL!

manjari said...

nice pics n a happy diwali to u

D'yer Mak'er said...

..."??"...what's that suppose to mean...the two question marks!!!...are you sure you want me to elaborate what that yummiee part really mean....i mean i've got no probs!!!!!

I only negotiate between 2 irritating personalities...and sometimes their irritating characteristics rub off on me!
...now that attitude is not at all helpin!!!

About that "strangers like u" part, I hv no idea what ur talkin abt
...you don't??...nah!...i don't believe you.

drsankalp said...

nice blog
pic could have been clear..
c yaa

Mirage said...

D'ter Maker: Ohk i got ur point...kindly refrain from elaborating!!

And, btw, just what kind of attitude r u lookin for?!

As for ur last doubt, I really dont knw wht ur talkin abt...its all Greek to me... :)

@drsankalp: pics arnt clear for a reason!;) hey thnx for visitin! :)

Jayant said...

nice pics! especially the one of you guys on the cruise! looks great! its just so obvious how much u guys were enjoying urself! and the pic with the church in the background was also quite nice!

zxcv said...

havent been blogging much recently so had not read ur earlier posts, looks like u had a real blast in goa.
we r plannig(they never seem to work out) a trip to goa anrd the yr end, thats wen (supposedly) Goa is at its best ;-).
keep having fun and then keep writing abt it...

Geo said...

Goa rocks!!!

now lemme make a quick guess... that cruise is Santa Monica..rt? ;_)

The man in the box said...

I've some weird experiences in Goa. A nearly fatal accident, dancing with a spanish girl, almost being jailed...spent a full four days there. Came back to find out that I flunked one of the courses. One crazy week that was.

Mirage said...

@jay: We sure had the best time!

@zxcv: Yea, Goa's sposed 2 b gr8 arnd new yr's time. Bt u gotta b lucky to b able to get there then! Hv fun!

@Geo: Wow, u've been there quite often it seems! Thnx 4 dropping in!

@maninthebox: Jesus! U hv some seriously not- nice memories of the place! Wonder how u got urself into tht kinda mess! ;) Hey tc man!

Anonymous said...

hey u have some pretty nice pics of u with ur friends and of course goa .so which of them is you and who all are your friends.
all in all a great post.