Sunday, October 30, 2005

The tag I couldn't escape

I had to spend considerable time on this one...coz I had wrack my brains to pen down 20 things about me. If u ask me to describe some1 else, it'll take me less than a minute. But its so damn tough to analyse oneself! Anyway, here goes:

1) I love my family...cannot dream of a life without them.

2) Love kids, but lose my patience around them very easily.

3) Fiercely faithful to my friends...n maybe a li'l possesive at times.

4) Shy, don't open up easily.

5) Extremely honest. Can be bitter sometimes though...

6) Perfectionist. Order freak.

7) Mmmm coffee!

8) Afraid of crossing roads. Thank God for subways!

9) Emotional wreck...can be hurt easily.

10) Lazy. Love to sleep.

11) Cant survive without my music.

12) Love winters.

13) Doggies...the cutest things on the planet!

14) Love to pamper and be pampered!

15) My turn on: the way a guy drives his car. No sudden jerks...should be swift, smooth...sigh! No wonder I fell head over heels for Jason Statham in 'Transporter'!

16) Game for ghost stories...even though I get a fright before you can say 'Gho...'!!

17) Believe that God's my best pal.

18) 2 words- John Abraham!!

19) Just love to bug my niece!

20) Love to read. Nething but course books!

Whew! Ohk, now I gotta tag some other people? Ok, Milo, TripleSix, Mr. Mediocre, Arz000n, Friend and umm Rash. Sorry folks! :)


Arz000n said...

Me coming out with this on monday morning, Mirage!!

Emotional wreck...can be hurt easily.
Shy, don't open up easily.
Fiercely faithful to my friends...n maybe a li'l possesive at times.

Same pinch :)))

Happy diwali and Prosperous new year!!
Enjoy and take care, Hugz

Smartalec said...

good job, mate! and sry for forcing u into doing this:P!

anywayz point 15 is spooky! how come gals have such wierd turn-ons:D?!

overall a nice n cute post! glad i forced u into it! happy hols

D'yer Mak'er said...


21) damn professional negotiator...honours in peace makin!!

22) calls people by fake names even if she knows their real names!!

23) inherent sherlock gene installed providin a natural ability to dive deep into matters!!

24) loud mouth...loud mouth...very very loud!!

25) gets irritated when someone complains about her photographs!!

26) doesn't believe that she's sweet!!

27) doesn't know the meanin when a guy says "Yummieeee" to her!!

28) always finds me irritatin!!

Mirage said...

@z000nie: Wow! u too!? I thought i was the only meek one around!

Happy Diwali 2 u 2!! :)

@steve: lol! sure gave all d guys somethin to work on, didnt i!?

@D'yer M'aker: Lol!! You're such a sweetheart!! N btw i dont find u irritating hon...just incredibly cute! ;)

the Monk said...

seriously, perfectionist?...ouch, am anything but....hey, i like winters too...anyway, happy diwali...have a great time...

MS said...

Good job,i can never say TWENTY things abt myself.

Jayant said...

Aah! Lists are always so much fun to read. And this one makes you sound like a combination of me and 3 of my closest friends. Everything that you've mentioned here is common for atleast one of us!
nice list! I'm looking forward to more of such lists!

Rahul said...

20 things.. I dont think i can come up with 20 i will wont wanna edit before posting...

Mirage said...

@the monk: yea, winters ironically give me a cosy feeling!! Hey happy diwali to u too!

@MS: Was a tuf job 4 me 2!

@jay: Really!? Wow, I'm a combo of 3 diff ppl! :)

@Rahul: I'd luv 2 c wht u come up wid!

amod!! said...

Few things are strinkingly similar, others are strinkingly dissimilar!!
Milo has been tagged twice by me and you both!!

Arz000n said...

You are tagged by me lady.
so betta get to work sooon :))

Happy Diwali!!

First Rain said...

Hope all of your friends and family are safe.

Have a bright and safe Diwali!

Kroopa Shah (Kr00pz) said...

#18 is Ooh LaLa!!!

Slim Shady said...

Hey i've been closely,shd i say,reviewing ur blogs and i cant help but notice strikingly similar features between us...aftr readin them i've startd to develop quite some interest in blogging...but wat exactly does it take to make them interestin coz i dream of bcomin a writer somday...hope u'd give ur valuable tips...lookin fwd to ur reply at de earliest-u knw wat,i hate hero(ine) worship but i consider u quite close to 1...plz oblige-my email id is

The man in the box said...

Have a safe and a happy diwali!

And do I see someone up for some hero(ine) worship?

Mirage said...

@amod: hehe, milo's in for a hard time it seems!!

@z00nie: Aaargh!! not agen! :(

@firstrain: Thanx n same to you! hv fun!

@kroopa: u betcha!

@slim shady: Well, I'm flattered, to say the least! N hey I'm glad that some1 developed an interest in blogging thru me! Coz i really expected quite the opposite! N i dont have tips to give u buddy, bt mayb i cud just gv u an overview! Will b mailing u soon! Happy diwali! :)

@maninthebox: Yea tht sure made me blush!
Have a gr8 diwali man!

Slim Shady said...

hey mirage,thats jus fabulous of u to reply to my comment and oblige...this is jus 2 let u know that i was quite serious abt wat i said and not jus said to flatter and vanish into oblivion...and jus 2 let ya know,i belong to the same coll as Varun(alias the monk)-i can imagine u raisin' eyebrows but then i jus have to say i aint anywher near his standard...hope he helps me out too...and happy diwali to u too and all my kins back in newdelhi...c ya soon-exams in a week(i'd rather study now than let its deleterious effects affect my psyche)

anuj said...

hmm some nice things abt ya haan ;)