Wednesday, June 08, 2005

What if...

A really strange thing happened today.
I began my day with the usual lazy-bones attitude...not a care in the world, sleeping away to glory. was very rudely dsiturbed around 12 in the afternoon with the phone ringing in my ear. Groaning i saw it was an unfamiliar number. I debated whether i should answer it or not. but since i'd already been snapped out of my slumber i thought ok i'll answer it. it was 'devdas' a friend of my friend's (milo). "hey megz pack ur bags, we're leaving for mussourie today afternoon". I looked at my phone and blinked. "Hello"?? " fast we'll miss the train!!". i couldnt think. i thought it was an extension of the dream that i was having a few minutes ago. after a whole minute, i asked, "uh is milo around? can i speak to her"? on hearing a familiar tone of voice i realised i wasnt dreaming. "whts goin on" is all i cud say. but she was just as clueless. i said, "i dunno...i gotta convince mom n dad". devdas snatched the ph and said, "i'll speak to them...jes start packing".
for the next half an hour devdas n milo coaxed mom to send me with them. in the end she agreed "but only if her father allows". great. that's like asking a mountain to move. i was keeping my fingers crossed. with shaking hands i dialled dad's number...only to get the busy tone. somehow i told mom to deal with it. meanwhile milo n devdas kept calling on the other ph every 2 mins. they sounded so excited! listening to their plans got me all excited too. we strtd deciding wht clothes we'll carry, and wht places we'll go see...basically day dreaming. then mom came n said dad was really busy at work...and the 2 mins he spared to talk to her basically consisted of the words, "no", "never" and "nothing doing". i could hear the sound of glass breaking in my ear.
I called milo with a heavy heart and told her to go ahead without me. hearing this, milo's mom came into the picture...but nt on a very positive note. " if megz parents arnt sending her, you're not going anywhere either."
devdas has gone on his own. i and milo maintained 2 minute silence for our lost dreams. and here we are, still stuck in the simmering summer of delhi...still wondering, what if....


SmartOxymoron said...

Shucks. For a minute there, I thought this story had a happy ending. Oh well, there's always Coffee Day, isnt there?
My mom shot down my biking-to-Mangalore plans just today. What a coincidence. Im going to drown my sorrows in coffee.(Dont tell my mom, but Im actually thinking of eloping with my bike)

amod!! said...

ohhhh sad!!i wish you could have gone to mussourie and saved few breath from the scorching heat of delhi... waise try 2 enjoy in del.

Smartalec said...

coaxing my mom into allowing me to have it my way is probably the easiest part! but dad! boy o boy! damn difficult to convince my old man! but i've succeeded at times:D
atleast u can be happy that milo's with ya n can't boast abt having enjoyed mossourie while u rot in delhi!
anywayz, keep dropping by! i deduce ur name is megha?! do i know u?

anubhav said...

hey tell you what those matters need a lot of 'homework'...anyways all i can suggest is hindi movies

old ones: to take inspiration and try a runaway..ah plan something in suburbs..gurgaon

and new ones : for time pass

thanx for dropping by on my blog..

sriram said...

now i must say welcome to the gang of "possessive fathers"..
but i thought boys were "mummas boys" and girls "dadas girls", i mean usually dad's are a little liberal wid the daughters( dats the case wid my sis..she usually gets her way wid dad).Convincin my dad over a sleepover at a frenz place is equally hard][;)]

and very sad to hear abt the cancelled trip..

desperado said...

sad day
mussourie would have been awesome
nice n lovely place

but cheer up n face the delhi heat like rest of us

maybe shimla would be better

im thinkin myself of running back to nainital as soon as possible

blah said...

from next time just do what i do - go there and then inform ur parents, they would never yell at u over the phone cause its STD and after u r back they would be happy that u r back safe

Soby said...

Awe ,sorry to hear that megz.Just dropped by to say Hi!

anuj said...

hmmmmm..... hard luck. Ya it really hurts when few moments back u have a rocking news ( that too a hangout) but then all plans shatter down.