Sunday, June 05, 2005

My life...or is it?

Our brains never stop thinking. Something or the other keeps running in our minds. even if we're sittin idle, our mind's racing all the more. most of wht i think is crap, though! nowdays since i'm free from my exams my mind's working overtime...pumping out all sorts of ideas. its better to let it run...

I find myself thinking about my life, (how selfish no?!)... about wht is going on... and wht am i doing with it. i haven't really thought about it u know... whts it gonna b like after college...wht shape will my career take...where am i going to go...

can't believe my last yr of college has almost begun. it seems so soon! i jes strtd enjoying..n now i'll hv to get serious agen! there's so much to do...n so little time! jes dont knw whr to strt.

in my family everyone's goin their own way...they've chosen their paths...i feel so out of place. the only one with nothing to do...a burden.

my friends are all so smart and confident...they know exactly wht they want from their lives and how theyre gonna get it...why am i so clueless?!

My whole life is a question...the purpose of my existence is a question. and i dont knw where to find the answer...


milo said...

absolutely evn i cant believe dat we hav become super-seniors...was thinkin d same way as urs.. wat after college?
but m sure we will find our worries.
ur family is gng their own way,they have chosen their paths... but u knw wat..m 101% sure dat they are jealous of u/
u knw y? coz this is d time they jes cant come bk to,all d masti,no professionalism only ghoomna firna n a lil bit of studies on our minds.u think all ur friends will get what they want?
even they will havta struggle at the time wen we would be..its jes dat we havta put in our best foot in watever we do..
n madam let the purpose of ur existence remain as a question only..otherwise there will b no it?
all the best:-)

SmartOxymoron said...

Mirage said...

milo- mayb ur right! keepin my fingers crossed!

soxy- tht was a good one! :)

desperado said...

its phase of life when ur lost.
dont know wht to do n where to go
sit down n relax
and look inside and ask wht u want.
best to do is wht u love not wht others want out of you

and forget wht others will get
jsut concentrate on wht u want
so be a little selfish
and little tht i know of u ull acheive whtever u want to

and yes enjoy this final yr it wont come back
best of luck

Sarat Chandra Addepalli said...

kinda the same feeling i get... but hey you're still 19, so how come final year of college?

neways, leave all the troubles, and enjoy life as it comes. coz dear, you won't get a second chance...