Sunday, June 26, 2005


Every morning when i read the papers i esp look fwd to the astrology section in the supplements. It hardly ever turns out to b true but i like reading it anyway.

They said yellow is my LUCKY colour for today. i personally hate yellow...but decided to smell a yellow flower anyway. Flowers are always nice...or so i thought until i got stung by a wasp; ironically that too was yellow.
The sun's yellow...and at this moment its shining real bright...restricting me from going out anywhere. no luck there...
My niece smothered yellow paint over my arm just after i'd had my bath.
Ok i guess u got the point...
The daily horoscope that comes in my mail is asking me if i "tend to be self-effacing"...what the...??
They said my lucky months this year would be January and May...i had my exams during these months.
They said my romantic months would be February and June. I was on a train on 14th Feb. And June is almost over but no romance yet...!

The thing is when i know that nothin the astrolgers say is ever gonna b true why am i always intrigued by them??!! Could b curiosity, or mayb i just like to knw what'll happen next...or mayb its just plain stupidity!!

Its time for lunch...guess wht i'm having. yellow dal!! ugh!


Jayant said...

ya actually people tend to be intrigued by what they don't understand! Even a baby is curious to see, touch, smell almost anything since they can't understand any of this. and thats probably why ppl are so fascinated with astrology even if its complete hogwash.

amod!! said...

hey!!my case is bit different.... horoscopes r always true for me barring some exceptions...if u ever notice carefully they just tell the overview which might be true for many, so its a dhokha! dont see horoscope from tomorrow! Believe in karma! hehe, i'm sounding like a preacher..

The man in the box said...

how about this for familiarity(co incidence actually but what the heck!)...when i read your comment I was thinking that since there are only 12 signs in the zodiac, there are only 12 kindsa people in this world!

Oh here's a tip. Ever wondered why the horoscope section is always beside the comic strip section?

Mirage said...

@any1selling...: Yea, could be!

@amod: Lucky u!! Anyway I'll try my luck at karma if u insist!

@maninthebox: Lol! i prefer comic strips!! Horoscopes should b eliminated!

Kroopa Shah (Kr00pz) said...

LOL, my first time here. I think its the case with most people. Though we don't beleive in our horoscopes we tend to be curious or like some people say- timepass :-P

anubhav said...


all i can say at this is "ganda par danda hai yeh"

They have made huge business of our weaknesses,because when surrounded by problems,people tend to find relief in the most unlike places.

desperado said...

well i follow a simple rule:

if it says gud things it is always true and i try to believe it is true.

and if it is bad who believes in this crap

anuj said...

Well. I read it daily, that to from both TIMES OF INDIA & HINDUSTAN TIMES, or any other paper. I m completely surprised by the differnce of opinion the two astrologers have :P

And even i follow dhruv's rule.

Mirage said...

@kroopa: i wish this 'timepass' was a little less disheartening!
thnx for stopping by!

@anubhav: True...only sometimes we tend to build expectations on this 'ganda dhanda' which are shattered ultimately! :(

@dhruv: yea i cud try doing that! ignorance is bliss isnt it!? ;)

Mirage said...

@anuj: difference of opinion is what keeps our hopes alive! ek nahi to doosra sahi hoga! ;)

hit said...

i always expect the opposite of wats in the horoscope,and more often than not,it works!!

The man in the box said...

Another tip: Read the comic strip in the morning and come back to read the horror strip to verify if you actually had a good day like it says!

sriram said...

well m experience with horoscopes hav been mixed...but therz one thing thats never amiss evrytime my folks at home go to to the astrologer and that is "Bad time"...shani chal raha hai..bahut sambhalke kaam karna chahiye..i mean after hearin this for the nth time i jus shout "tf!!! give me a break."

Mirage said...

@hit: good for u man! but apparently my stars always go against me!

@maninthebox: I'd rather not read abt my fate at all...!

@sriram: swear man! all this shani, rahu, ketu goes completely over my head. its bad enuf to knw i'll have a bad day, i'd rather not hear the reasons!