Thursday, June 02, 2005

Tagging along

wo..didnt think i'll be tagged someday! i wish i wasn' it happened too soon.
well, i have nothin better to do anyway...

1.Films I own:
Um i don't own any as such...only watch the ones my brother does..apparently he has good taste. so if i count them theyre about 40 i guess! i didnt count tho..there cud b more

.2.Last film I bought:
i usually prefer seeing them at the theatre coz they take up unnecessary space! so technically the last one i bought was two weeks' notice.

3. Films that I watch a lot or mean something to me:
ok this is tuf. Films dont really mean much..jes a good way of tuining ur eyesight! but let's see:
Hitch- coz thts one movie tht was genuinely funny
Ice Age- its abt me n my frnds...nika is the weasel, milo is the mammoth and i'm the sabretooth! grr!!
Spirit- ah freedom!
Phir Milenge- awesome film..really true to life
Black- brilliant movie

Find five to tag people I must. Extra one for luck.
five people...i hardly know any blogger!! no luck huh?!
um ok TripleSix, the Monk, desperado..damn i don't know any1 else!

sorry guys..i knw this is agony...but if i can get thru can u!


desperado said...

u r right this tagging thing is a real agony

and nice meetings u had on the net

anuj said...

Hmmmmmm i came to know somethin. U like cartoons !! Seriously, i saw SPIRIT, pretty coolstuff with lots of horses & brya adams songs.

Hey Milo is the mamooth. Really. Cool haan :P