Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Across the desert
bathed in moonlight,
I walk alone, barefoot
leaving footprints in the sand
Wandering under the gloomy sky
Whispering to the shadows
Dancing to the night's tune
Obsessed, possessed
Dark eyes, dark ways
dark tresses blowing across my face
Beckoning you to follow
A tired soul, a lost fool
I am a mirage
mystical, magical, mysterious
The closer you come,
the more I slip out of reach
Afraid to let you in my world
Afraid to unveil my secrets
I'm running away, from reality
Vanishing into the horizon
Disappearing, without a trace...


TripleSix said...

wow!!!!really good and so is the pic...
must say,really impressive
keep it up!!!

MS said...

wow,..(everything that triplelx has said)
why is it that we r always on the run?never trusting anyone?living in our own prison? ;)

Rahul said...

good work!!! but have you thought about how the real you is a mirage??
and btw, u manage to upload the most adorable snaps on your site. cool!

Me said...

Mirage ... why do u think urself alone ? Ok everybody is alone in this world .... but why are u running away from reality ? I dont think its just a mere poem ... its ur feelings ... somehow u got hurt from somebody ... unveil ur secrets ... share with someone .. u have to face the reality dear ...

manjari said...

beautiful lines..
the question is for how long can u run away from reality??

khelnayak said...

And is that why u r a mirage? I am quite contrary to that. :)
I think u too need to shed your inhibitions and be yourself.

Random said...

you might think that you are leaving without a trace, but the impressions that you leave on the shifting sands of our minds will disappear only when we become ashes.

D'yer Mak'er said...

umm!..never heard the mirage version of a mirage....for i've heard long stories of lost travellers followin a mirage...but never heard of a mirage actually wallowin in the swamps of wait n' delay...that was really out of the way...it definitely caught my eye...here's a standin ovation!

Arz000n said...

Yesterday when I visited here...you had a very different and weird loooking template. Good that you changed back to this one :)

lemme read the post now...

I'm running away, from reality
Vanishing into the horizon
Disappearing, without a trace...

What kinda reality lady?
Hope things are fine there for ya.

Btw, do both you and TripleSix write poems together or you too becoming poem-o-holic like her.

Good one though.

I liked that snap too. Its awesome :)

Take care...hugz

Mirage said...

@triplesix: thnx! oh n thnx 4 introducing me to deviantart... it has fantastic pics

@MS: I wish I knew... thnx neway!

@Rahul: Yes I have actually, and the description of a mirage suits me perfectly.

Oh n i mostly get my pictures from webshots.com and deviantart.com... this one's 4m the latter

@Avik: I'm trying...but its going to take a hell lotta time for me to open up.

@manjari: I don't know...I'm not happy being invisible, but I don't know what else to do...

@Khelnayak: Sigh...I'm trying to!

@Rash: That was such a nice thing to say man...thnx for makin me smile! :)

@Stranger: *Bow* Thanku so so so much! That means a lot coming from you!

@Arzoon: Yea man, was trying to set a new skin but just didnt work somehow!

And yea, everything's okay...but just need to vent my feelings at times!

Oh n no triple six n I dont write poems together. I've been writing since I was 15. So yea maybe u can call me a poem-o-holic!

milo said...

i wanna join u, leaving my footprints on d sand besides urs..n i hp we see 2 diff.footprints followin us..;-)
so can i join u pls??

TripleSix said...

no probs....

desperado said...

well u r one i guess

one time u across as a bubbly n happy self
n the other times as unsure n alone

well i guess thts why u call urself as mirage
but how long do u intend to run
i think u can run for the whole lifetime but would u reach anywhere
ur call

p.s.well sad that the template thing didnt work out...

D'yer Mak'er said...

I've been writing since I was 15...
..n' how old are you now...16!!!!!!!..for i've a notion of not believin what people write in their blog's profile section.

Sonia said...


Mirage said...

@milo: Of course u can! But I only wish it was on a sunny beach instead of the dry desert!

@triplesix: :)

@dhruv: Well, you're right. It does seem like I'm going nowhere even though I've been running forever...

@stranger: Well you better believe this one coz I don't lie. I'm turning 20 this sep!

Btw, why did you think I was 16! I mean that was ages ago...! :p

@sonia: Thanks!

anuj said...

Wow wow wow !!
Afraid to let you in my world
Afraid to unveil my secrets

hey tht really scares ur friends yaar. but a good nicepoem ....how could u be so expressive . i knw ur a mirage ...hard to catch up with ..

And i dont see any change in the skin ....lol ....

D'yer Mak'er said...

alright...be it 20....i believe you...20 on 14th sept...i'm gonna remember that!

Mirage said...

@anuj: Thnx so much man!
Oh n abt the skin, that was somethin i was tryin bt didnt work out. bt thnx 4 tryin to help out! :)

@stranger: Er how did u know it was 14th sep??!!

Jithu said...

nice piece.. but yeah u can run but u cant hide :-)

manuscrypts said...

virtually a loner!!

D'yer Mak'er said...

Er how did I know it was 14th sep??!!

Mr. Maverick said...

Dont know why, but this reminds me of the songs from the movie lekin :)

Mirage said...

@jithu: Yea? Who's comin after me?

@manuscrypts: Sort of!

@stranger: yea...how?!

@mediocre: I havent even heard of tht movie! Um was it good?! ;)

milo said...

be it a dessert or a beach... if we r together atleast u wont b lonely..n u knw wen we frnds r together we can make ny dull place interestin..n dats wat i want;-)

shrek said...

hmmm! miss Poem-o-holic did u write it yourself?
amazing. keep going..(a Bit busy these days and thats why not visitng blogspot as frequently)

Kroopa Shah (Kr00pz) said...

I love the picture. But what are you scared of, girl? Why do you feel that you are lonely or that you walk alone? Why not let someone accompany you??

Arz000n said...

When do I get to read something new here :)

Take care

Mirage said...

@milo: Yea maybe! Welcome 2 my paradise!!

@shrek: Thnx man...nice to see u after a long time! take care

@kroopa: Been there, done that! Doesnt help...sigh!

@arz000n: Sorry man, got caught up wid some work...but u will see a new post soon enuf!

Oh n thnx for those emails. Will keep the principles of love and trust in mind! ;) Take care

Sam said...

Dude - ur a poet - u dont know it !

U serious about writing stuff? Cause i sorta make music - we could do somethign. Me in pune - wat about u - come online sometime n lets catch up
MSN - sam@ccbsol.com