Thursday, August 18, 2005


I stand still
as people rush around me
and painful thoughts surround me
I am alone, in a crowd
Faceless, nameless
in an invisible shroud
Lost in despair, drowning in darkness
I'm fading away, I'm fading away...


TripleSix said...

its ur insecurities speakin to u...dn't let them bother u...cos they r the devils in devilish is their mannerism that they end up makin u feel lost and ashamed of urself...u have to fight back before they usurp ur sensibilties..or u'll end up like me...i've become a bad pill to swallow...its late,and i can't fight back,but u can..cos it just got into u...and if u fight back and win the battle,then i'll be the most happiest person,for u not only fought for urself,but for me too..
and if u dn't,then they'll prick u throughout ur life...they wn't leave u,not even in ur sleep...they'll prick u so hard,so hard that u'll bleed,somethin that can't be seen..somthin thats intangible..ur brain and senses will become numb and sesnseless..
so fight back,my frnd...go to the matrices...
by the way,i like the image u have speaks me,and the poem...its deep and beautiful,beautiful enough not to be empty,but content enough to strat ur life frm the scratch..
another thing,megha since when have u become a person like this stuff written by u.i hope,my thoughts didn't contaminate urs....cos if it has,then it will be like me spittin on our frndship...i dn't want u to end up like strong and have faith..

Random said...

Everybody seems to think I'm lazy

I don't mind, I think they're crazzy

Running everywhere at such a speed

Till they find there's no need (there's no need)

Please, don't spoil my day, I'm miles away

And after all I'm only sleeping

anubhav said...

hope things are somebody said "life is a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get..."

have fun


desperado said...

sound a bit low Miss Writer
let it only be a passing phase n not a lifetime companion.
Little tht i know u i feel for sure thts its just a passing phase n definitely ur not goin to fade away.
i guess the reply to this comment tht this was just piece of creativity n nothin to
n tht would prove ur name "Mirage"
(i hope the reply is same..)

Arz000n said...

Wht happened??
Hope things are fine out there for you.

Take care.

manjari said...

alone in a crowd
surrounded by sound
but feeling alone
as emptiness fills ur bones.
It is easy to comprehend the emotions that u feel.but no matter what happens,what goes on,hey-"lifeheadon", just remember that lifegoeson.

manuscrypts said...

maybe thats just an illusion!!

Mirage said...

@triplesix: hey nika dont ever think ur thoughts are contaminating my brain or somethin! Its just that I tend to bottle up my emotions (am working on that btw!)and then the time comes when i cant take any more and that's when I'm consumed by them. But i'll get over it, i know. There's nothing to worry abt! N this wont affect anythin at all, most of all our frndship!! So relax...i'll be just fine!

@rash: I'm wide awake now! :)

@anubhav: well said! I think I got the bitter one by mistake!

@dhruv: yea man, no matter how destructive a storm is, it will pass...!

@arzoon: thnx for ur concern man, everything's fine. Just a play of emotions! :)

@manjari: yes it does...and i'll take it head on!

@manuscrypts: :)

>|' ; '| said...

in sorrow, all are alone at first. then some good hearted people try to comfort you. feel bitter at first. then, it feels ok. like someone said, no man is an island.

TripleSix said...

i'm gald to hear that ur fine...
we'll always be frnds,no matter what we go through...and i'll always be there for u,come what may!!

Me said...

why do u think urself alone ???
Think of me when u feel lonely.....
cheerz.....what's up with u ?
dont get frustooo......

Jithu said...

and that is what is called life :-)

Mirage said...

@poison: You know, that's exactly what I'm afraid of...being an island!

@triplesix: thnx niku!

@avik: hehe ok that cheered me up alright!! thnx man! :)

@jithu: that and a bit of happiness!

Rahul said...

U r important for yourself. The world is too big; we need smaller perspectives. Live for yourselves. U are prominent, u are clear, u are significant for you.
great picture though ;-)

Jayant said...

wow! beautiful picture and beautiful lines! I think, at times I identify with these lines to a great extent, but then at other times i feel that I'm better than the rest of the world. Instinctively, a person tends to love oneself the most,(no matter how much he tries to justify his love for others!) which is why he is also so insecure about his existence and standing in this world and thus the apprehensions! Its just a phase in might be repetitive but the bottomline is that it eventually goes away!

Kroopa Shah (Kr00pz) said...

Ummm, is everything ok?

Smartalec said...

the obvious question: are u OK?!?!
doesn't seem like i've missed a lot though! what's up with u, dudette?
gotta admit, this post of urs gave me a somber feeling!

Vinu said...

Hey u went for a trip and returned like this..

At times we, everyone, feels we are alone. But that is the time to realise self...

Anyways hope u r out from that phase by now and started enjoying the crowd..

Mirage said...

@rahul: Wow, great piece of advice, thnx man! Feel a lot better now.. :)

@jayant: It did! Thnx :)

@kroopa: yea hny, everything's fine now, thnx!

@smartalec: Good to have u back man! I'm fine thanx, mood swings u knw!! ;)

@Vinu: Oh yea, crowds arnt so bad after all!! ;)Thnx man!

milo said...

ye jeevan jeevan mein yahi hai, yahin hai chaon -
tc yaar

anuj said...

hey nice post. And milo is absolutely right ....yesterday night i felt as if i was on an island with nobody around .... and when i came back i was in a hostel of 400 students it happens.

Danko said...


khelnayak said...

Hey, for some reason the poem is not fully visible to me neither the pic.
But can judge the content from the comments.
Cheer up girlie! There are so many folks out here not to make u feel lonely. :)
Thanks for the visit on my page. Keep coming! And too stopped entertaining any thoughts of meeting nice ppl at least during travel. :))

Mirage said...

@milo: Finally u decide to come chk me out huh!?? When dyu plan to write a new post btw?

@anuj: Hehe that's a nice way of putting it!!

@RP: Thanx! :")

Khelnayak: Thnx man, I'm doin ok now! Hey don't lose hope btw, sometimes bollywood dz appear in our ordinary lives! ;)

MS said...

that was really nice,very descriptive,very life-like.
as jithu said;LIFE.