Thursday, September 08, 2005

Dear God...

This is not a prayer. Nor is this a complaint about something I'm not satisfied with. And I'm definitely not blaming You for anything! In fact, You might be surprised to hear this, but I want to express my gratitude, for a change!

I want to thank You for making things alright. I want to thank You for helping me make the right decisions...even if they don't seem so right at first! Thanks for pulling me up when I'm struggling. Thanks for holding my hand when I reach out to You. And thanks for being so patient with me when I crib incessantly about insignificant things! With Your help, I've been able to own up to my mistakes- and make amendments.

You have blessed me with a loving family and supportive friends. You have helped me see how much they love me, and how much I love them. And how important they are to me in every way possible. I owe you a great deal for that.

Thanks for making me see beyond appearences and into the hearts of people around me and to help appreciate their inner beauty. Thanks for giving me a healthy body so I can make myself useful to those who are less fortunate. I know I complain about some things a lot, but deep down, You know I'm thankful.

You have been guiding me all these years. And I know You wont leave my side, ever. Thanks for being my best pal, my pillar of strength and the love I seek. Thanks for being there God. I love you.

Your baby


D'yer Mak'er said...

..n' god says..."not a problem! ......................................................................................................... p.s. but you bargained a fair deal!!....excuse me....i say who is incharge of the score keeping????"

Rahul said...

the picture is not loading. will reserve comment till it does ;-)

desperado said...

hope this love showers all the miracles on you
"Miracle Of Love"

n ya god would surely be blushing with all the deserving praise you showered ;)

manuscrypts said...

well, He's not too used to that...:)

Arz000n said...

Good one Mirage :)

Take care!!

Pssst...Is it coz of the occasssion of Ganesh Festival? Just curious you know .... :)

Arz000n said...

Im also not able to view the picture :(

even after posting the comment :(

amod said...

it wasnt god, it was you yourself!

Mirage said...

@stranger: oh jeez i didnt think of that! Can u think of someone for the job...?

@rahul: well there's not much to see in the pic...nevertheless i'll wait for ur comment! ;)

@dhruv: Thats what I intended to do! ;) Thnx neway!

@manuscrypts: Its about time that he shud!! wht say?

@arzoon: oh i dunno whts the prob wid the pic. bt its nothin gr8. oh n no i didnt write dis coz of ganesh chaturthi! whn was it btw?

@amod: You think so?

milo said...


D'yer Mak'er said...

Can u think of someone for the job...?
let it be anyone....but not "triplesix"!!!..well i can't picture her...but if accidentally i do so...i find a lady with a punishment cane in her left hand!!!(wink!!)

p.s. n' why don't you use the same lines again to make the treaty...."may sound really brash and rude at times, but a real softie!" !!!!!!

Mirage said...

@milo: wht are u smilinhg at?! :)

@stranger: Haha! Hey easy man! Give the girl a break! Btw ur close!

Oh n plz shhhh!!!

>|' ; '| said...

i am not sure how to respond.
i am not religious.
i didnt care about god.
i had a possibly fatal accident today.
but escaped unscathed.
i wonder.

Slice Of Life said...

good one
keep it up

Jithu said...

wt happened? so god-fearing! exams on the way? :-)))

anuj said...

A very rare post. How many times do we realy express our gratitude towards god .... for givin us such a beautiful life . Me !! naaaah never.

Its a good initiative tht u have taken pal. Nicepost. And wow u have got a tagboard.

Arz000n said...

Ganesh Chaturthi has already started from 7th. Wake up!!

Switch on a NEW Channel...
Me miss that festival too here in Delhi :(

MS said...

I am tired of all these compliments, fed up with the belief in the existence of a merciful creature who is above u and is in command of all good and bad. I am fed up with the ppl who do not want to admit to their failures and triumphs, all the time putting them down to fate and goD. We just ignore the fact of ourselves and give up ourselves to hiM,and gladly concede to be slaves, while outside we r shouting and fighting against it. It maked me annoyed to hear that another MAN has backed off just because of lack of bravery,just because they r afraid of face up to problems all alone,just because they are afraid of accepting the Fact that they have to encounter the difficulties of life(which are the most challenging things in this world) on their own.
thnx for ur non-existence.

MS said...

for the believers:
Trees (by Joyce Kilmer)

I think that I shall never see
A poem lovely as a tree.

A tree whose hungry mouth is prest
Against the earth's sweet flowing breast;

A tree that looks at God all day,
And lifts her leafy arms to pray;

A tree that may in Summer wear
A nest of robins in her hair;

Upon whose bosom snow has lain;
Who intimately lives with rain.

Poems are made by fools like me,
But only God can make a tree.

Mirage said...

@poison: jeez thts horrifying?! wht happened man! no bones broken, i hope! Someone must really like u up there...! ;)

@uma: thnx a bunch! oh n keep dropping by! :)

@jithu: lol! naaah not even close! oh but my bday is just arnd the corner! thought a li'l maskofying wud do some good!

@anuj: U shud start soon!

@arz000n: yea ur right! I better b a li'l alert! Actually we dont celebrate ganesh chaturthi here so had no idea abt it. we dont even get an off! ;) No offence Ganeshji!

@MS: Hmm...well no one's giving themselves up to him. If u read the post agen i hv only thanked Him for helping ME make the right decisions. Don't u sometimes hv a voice in ur head telling u 2 do somethin. Well I call that God. I dont believe in religion and stuff like that. Everyone has their own definitions of God, even the non-believers yes. So i just wrote my own.

Beautiful poem by the way!

Me said...

Amen !!! Glad you're feeling better now...have a great weekend...

shaan said...

me lost !!!!
btw i sensed the changed style of u r writing .. ne ways howz u

Jayant said...

Nice post! I appreciate your sentiment, but personally I don't believe in God. I'm not being cynical but there are just too many things going on in this world that force me to think like this!
But, to each his own!
If He is your guiding force in life, then so be it. Everyone needs to have something or someone to hold on to in life. :)

Mirage said...

@avik: thanx man! will do...

@shaan: hey nice to see u! I'm doing bt u?

@jayant: I guess youre right! To life...!

Oh btw i knw it has nothin to do wid the post but...its raining outside!! :D

Arz000n said...

We dont have off here too in Delhi and I cant see any pandals nearby too :(

No one is enthu here....
Only NEWS channel come to ma rescue :)

Anyway...take care