Thursday, September 15, 2005

Happy me!

I have finally beaten all the odds, have got past the awkward age alive...and hit the twenties!! Gosh I'm old! But who cares! Its my birthday!!! Yipee! Party time!


Random said...

woo-hoo! happy birthday. where is the cake?

desperado said...

Happy B'day
So u miss the teens or not....!!!

its the 4th time im wishin n i still haven't got my party invitaton or the cake.... :(

Rahul said...

So, the teens are finally through, huh! Happy birthday and welcome to adulthood. As Monica would have said, It sucks, but you'll love it!!!

manuscrypts said...

happy birthday, and looking young for a twenty year old :)

Arz000n said...

Many many happy returns of the day Mirage!!
May all ur wishes come true and you stay in best of your health..
Gimme hugzz :)

Having said that, when should I drop by for B'day celebration?

And yes, who is this kid?
IS that you in b'day dress??
Enjoy life and take care

>|' ; '| said...

happy b'day
happy onam

anuj said...

Ahem !! Wheres my cake :(

Did u get the gifts i send u ??

Did it rained ?? I wished it did .... oops !!

milo said...

tell all of dem wat all did we do on ur bday... n humne kitni mastiii kari...dnt frgt to mention d yummy chocolate cake!!;-)
hp u will cherish ur 20th bday memories..

MS said...

too old now, ;))
be cheerful all the rest of the
road ahead.
Happy Birthday

Mirage said...

Thankyou all so much!! I love gettin bday wishes and this time I've got an extra dose! Am I lucky or what!? :D

@rash: The cake is long gone sweetie!!

@dhruv: Thnx for wishing me so many times man! N dumbo dyu need n invite?? I thought u were gonna gatecrash!

@rahul: I'm lovin it!!

@manuscrypts: Thts good rt?!

@arz000n: *Hugz* Hey u did drop in on my blog bday celebration! How was I lookin?! ;)

@poison: happy onam to u 2!

@anuj: You are so mean! But u knw wht it DID rain...but it stopped just as the party started! Saved!

@milo: Oh yea i know! The best part was that coke vala game!! Shud hv put beer instead tho!! ;) N thnx for makin my party so much fun yaar!! Thnx for the wonderful gift! N thnx for the surprise too! ;)

@MS: I wud...but my moods change too often!

Me said...

Belated happy birthday to you.....
You are just sixteen with four years experience...

Arz000n said...

Chorry :(
I was more focused on ur b'day cake na....damn it was yummmy yuummmy :)

manjari said...

belated happy b'day
I missed the party n choc cake

Mirage said...

@arz000n: hmm must be...i cudnt find out coz it was more on my face than in my mouth!!

@manjari: Thnx a ton manjari! Dnt worry, ur share of cake was taken care by all my friends!

Jithu said...

hey thts cool! happy birthday.. so out of the teen club haan :-)

Kroopa Shah (Kr00pz) said...

Happy Birthday, Girl!!!

The man in the box said...

Happy b'day!!

Wakaaaaaaaaaaawww!(I dont know why I said that!!)

dh_moi said...

A belated happy birthday !

Mirage said...

@jithu: yep...feels good!

@kroopa: Thanx kroops!

@maninthebox: Thanku! N wakaaww to u too! ;)

@dh_moi: Thanx man!

shrek said...

happy bday a bit late though :">