Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Testing times

WHY??! For the love of god, tell me why do we have exams!? i wish life was one great big joyride without any speedbreakers...esp without road blocks like exams where you will bump ur head no matter how hard u press the brakes!
I did crash into an exam today...literally crashed! the examination room looks like a dingy dark dungeon..where i will have to spend 3 hours (tht seem like a decade) filling a sheet while begging my brains to remember wht i flipped thru in the morning! but my brain..like me doesnt retain anything. and i'm blank. so i look around. my friend's writing away to glory...she must knw everything. i look at the question paper again...thinking...8 questions, with a choice of answering any 5...5 huge massive monsters. i cud almost imagine them slithering out of the paper...dancing around my head, grinning n showing off their devilish teeth! Wht a dreadful sight! suddenly i'm snapped out of my reverie with the invigilator glaring at me...i look down at my paper...try and give it another shot. Problems faced by small newspapers...i've read that somewhere. and hey it all comes back...yay! i knw one ques! one monster's down, 4 more to go! n i suddenly feel like a powerpuff girl..."fighting crime trying to save the world"...fogot the rest!
and i finish my paper in time...n slide of the dungeon!
when i got bak..i opened my notebook to chk if wht i'd written was ok. it wasnt.
Oh no...i can see the monsters coming back! i think i'll need to be more than a powepuff girl this time....gulp


Mr. Maverick said...

Arre yaar... relax :)...

Nice written though :). But yeah.. Somehow I have got nervous with exams, NOT because I read everything, but because i dont care what happens :). But then guys will be guys :D.

SmartOxymoron said...

Hon, you bump your head *if* you hit the brakes. Try twisting the accelerator... you'll fly :)
And opening notebooks *after* exams has always been a bad idea. Dont do that again.

SmartOxymoron said...

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