Sunday, May 29, 2005


I got an sms from a friend the other day. It went like...there's no difference b/w love marriage and arranged marriage. Its like asking someone if you want to be hanged or commit suicide! I totally agree!
The thing is I'm turning 20 this year. I can hardly believe I've had 20 whole years of existence. Seems like a hell lot of time! And my granny is around these days to visit mum. So you know how elders can be...pretty nagging at times! Especially when they bring up the most hateable topic of all time...marriage. Nani has been incessantly telling me to go in the kitchen and learn to cook! "Saure jaana hai..kuchh sikkh le...saas kad maaregi!" Thnx nani...tht just makes my fear of marriage go up 10 times! She's been telling just about everyone in my family to look for a "munda" for me...and I'm beginning to feel they're all falling for her advice. How can I get married so soon!!? and that to, to my parents' choice!? Ugh! They don't know wht I can they choose a hubby for me! Just the thought of being with ONE man my entire life sends chills down my spine! He'll be there when i wake up, he'll be there when i'll go to sleep, at breakfast, at dinner...god! and whatt if he farts...or burps...or worse, snores!! Aaarggh! No way....nani's nagging has to stop...i don't want my folks' thoughts going in tht direction! I'm just not die!!


Mr. Maverick said...


I think you should relax. Take it easy and talk to them as if you dont object to it, but pull the carpet right at the last moment when they bring up a 'munda'... say you dont like his nose, the way he talks or something so silly that they get nagged!!

And yes, if 'parents choosing someone for you' is wrong, then people like me will never get married. LOL! Because love ALWAYS, ALWAYS and ALWAYS starts with physical attraction and ends in more than three billion ways...


desperado said...

well come on
marriage is not tht bad
well im not married but surely marriage is not death.
its a whole new beginning

and relax im sure no one will get u married at 20. its just the habit of the elders to talk abt it same was the case with my sis
well though in the end it was a louve marriage and she married the guy she wanted to

SmartOxymoron said...

May I offer this 'Munda' for your kind approval? The munda in question will be turning 21 this year, making him legal marriage tender. This is your chance to commit Hara Kiri rather than let your parents do their worst.
P.S.Is this the first proposal youve received on your blog?
P.P.S The munda is just kidding. He is currently unavailable.

Ad astra per aspera said...

Trust me... Theres no escape,Once you get married. Think twice before you do.... and twenty is almost like child marriage in these times.

anuj said...

Funny one. But true as well. Best of luck all i can say.

Anonymous said...

Interesting .. :)