Friday, August 13, 2004

The Lake

hey all
this is a poem i discovered some time back on the cover of a very famous book. n this thing really touched me. i feel like reading it everyday..n everytime i get a new meaning. its something i can call meanigful...

"Because one night i stopped and stood,
On valleys covered all in wood,
And i looked to where the water lies
Upon the Rising, Dawning cities.
Awakened to the lake i saw,
Filled with the ale of an unknown law,
I gazed upon the water's edge,
Before i walked the broken ledge,
The sky is smooth and water clear,
Reflecting eyes a treaure near,
I flew on the whispering winds of fall...
Waiting for that guiding call,
Will it ever come, O lake that cries?
At times we wonder where the spirit dies...
And beyond the rushing waterfall,
The time will come when the lake fills all."
Jonathan Friedman

c ya folks!

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