Sunday, August 15, 2004


today is a special day for my country..the 15th of aug. its when we got our independence. after so much fighting..both verbal n physical..n so many sacrifices we finally got it! bt u know i sometimes wonder whether we really care bt it now tht we have it? its been 57 years n boy thts a long time! oh sure we crammed all abt the freedom struggle from our history books in school n managed to get a decent grade! n yea our patriotic instinct does surface a bit whn we see those movies abt our soldiers n u know the minute we walk out the movie theatre it goes as quickly as it comes...n m talkin abt approx 90% of ppl..including me. coz then we're faced wid reality...we realise tht mayb our revolutionaries sacrificed themselves for nothin...tho the britishers are out for good...the condition of the ppl has hardly improved. women (at least those in rural areas) are still treated in the same inhuman way, beggars are a still a common sight, n so many ppl cant earn a day's meal n go to sleep starving, there's no food, no water, no shelter n no clothing. graduates are still moping the street unemployed...the list can go on. 57 years have passed n everything is still where it was. yea ok some believe we hv developed..u mite say i being a girl can freely talk bt my views today. yes i certainly agree. bt i like few others am an exception. because my folks work hard, they cud give me a decent education n buy me good clothes to m only one of the more fortunate ones. a girl my age works in my house as a servant..she had to run away from home, leave the school she was attending in her village because her father wanted her to get married to some old joker. i can place hundreds of such examples. i feel so sorry for her..n i notice the sad look in her eyes when she sees me goin to college. is this wht we call independence? whr is independence? is it really there?

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Random said...

as a journo, there will be so much that u can highlight. so cherish ur independence, and fight for it where u think it is not present.