Wednesday, August 11, 2004


hello world!
this is Mirage..dont ask me why i kept that name coz if i go into that u probably wont read the rest of this! this is the first time i'm actually gonna share my thoughts with anyone. i had a habit of keeping a diary...n tht thing is like my soul. i pour just abt evry 1 of thoughts into it. bt now i thought why not get some views on wht i write..i mean i wanna know if its bull shit or hmm nice or hey pretty good! so whtever u might feel ur free to comment!
ok a lil abt myself? i'm a girl of 19 (well i will be this sep). i'm in 2nd yr of col..doin journalism (hons) in delhi university. i have a huge family n a small close knit circle of friends..i mean the really close know-me-well kind of people. n i treasure them all. i love music...its somethin i cant dream of living without...any time i'm game for ghazals, or soft rock or sometimes old classics. n umm i like to read..esp books tht contain stuff i can actually use. like Paulo Coelho, Neale Donald walsch, M.Scott Peck n also the Chicken Soups. i believe in God..n also the fact that there's only one God. i hate makes me sick. its the most overrated piece of shit i can think of. i think all it does is bind people instead of setting them free. n i especially hate those people who kill others in the name of religion..theyre the ones who should be cut to pieces.
ok i better shift from tht track coz then i can get pretty violent! i'm nothing of tht sort once u see me...n i do have a sense of humour...this is all just wht i feel. i probably wud have to muster up all my courage to speak out! so i chose the easy way..this way. whr i can be anonymous..
well this is just a fragment about me..i hope i get a response from u ppl(good or bad) so i can get a lil encouragement to continue...
c ya soon

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pills said...

fundoo intro.
"i hate makes me sick. its the most overrated piece of shit i can think of."
hardly seen any girl sayin that.. great..!!!