Wednesday, August 18, 2004


i had a nice day today! the weather (thank god) has fact its cooler now n i think its gonna rain. i love rains...n the best part is gettin drenched when its pouring!
anyway i was a lil bored in the morning..i'd reached col early n no one was i jes sat n observed the others. some ppl i knew (the hi-in-the-hallway kind) waved n i waved back. i dint really feel like talkin so i jes sat there by myself n continued to look at everyone. u know there's a strange thing wid ppl tht i noticed..they behave differently wid every one. they try so hard to jes 'fit in'! so they try to be someone theyre not. they all seem so artificial to me at times. i mean the same ppl theyre laughing with...theyre sneering at the moment they turn their backs. gosh back biting sucks! why is everyone so afraid to show wht they really feel..who they really are...wht i feel bt them, m gonna sum up in a poem i wrote. i jes feel like telling them to stop acting n start living for once!

The face I show to you
is the face you like to see,
Because I’m afraid to reveal
to you, the real me

I have a collection of masks
I wear a new one each day
I push myself down below,
afraid of what you’ll say

I pretend to be someone else,
someone the world will accept
I don’t have the courage
to strip off my masks,
I don’t know what I’ll reflect

I hope someday you’ll help me
discover myself again
I’m lost beneath my many faces
Please see who I am.

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Shy said...

wow..nice piece of poetry