Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Being the change

Disclaimer: This post just happens to coincide with the approaching Independance Day!

We are a great nation. We've got it all - the government, the democracy, the infrastructure, the public. The only thing is - they don't run. We don't make it run. But that's not the point. The point is, do we even want it to run?

We, as the general public are not happy. We crib about everything - no water, no electricity, our maids are charging more, the police department is corrupt, there's so much red-tapism in politics, petrol prices are going up, this isn't right, that's all wrong, yada yada yada. But we, ourselves make full use of these 'discrepencies' to our advantage. We bribe the cop when we're caught speeding, we keep 2 maids to run the house for us, almost every household can afford a driver, having contacts in government agencies helps us get our work done faster, we enjoy the holiday on voting day but don't vote... the list is endless. We talk about Westernizing the nation, but the point is you think we Indians can really shed our lazy, callous habits and live a life of discipline?

Before we start blaming the system for everything that goes wrong, we need to stop ourselves from choosing the easy way out everytime. In my opinion, it is a two-way road. We can't wait for them to change us. It's time we stopped being reactive, and be proactive. That's when we'll be able to call India a great nation in the true sense.


Keshi said...

very wellsaid girl!

**Before we start blaming the system for everything that goes wrong, we need to stop ourselves from choosing the easy way out everytime.

And this goes to all Sri Lankans too! We always blame the system but we forget that we too r part of that system.


Deepali said...

When I read the first line I was like WHATTTTTTTT??? Hehe thankfully the next line came soon enough.

Well you make a very valid point and unfortunately I feel it will be a VERY LONG TIME before things change :(

Mirage said...

@Keshi: Oh, u too? U think this is a syndrome with us?!

@Deepali: Sighhh....time's all we have!

Merlin said...

I am in Europe. There is no concept of maids here. Though superior technology provides extremely effective dishwashers, vacume cleaners and washing machines, we have to do everything ourselves. Being a guy who had never entered the kitchen when in India, I had to learn cooking from scratch and now pride myself on being a pretty good cook and also love cooking. You cannot bend the government system at any point, the only way out is to become extremely disciplined and learn to follow the rule, of traffic, of taxes and even the unsaid rules of social behavior like standing in the queue. If only we could do this in India, our already glorious country would become so much more glorious!!

Mahdi said...

Well, those u mentioned are not just abt India, most of the nations r suffering from the same issues, including my nation. hope we can change ourselves ;) V

R said...

So let's start with what you've done. :) you give me your drug, I will give you mine.

Mirage said...

@Merlin: Exactly. And the worst part is we know this! And still choose to be ignorant!

@Mahdi: Cheers to change!

@R: I wish it were that simple! :)

workhard said...

You are so right.. first we encourage these ppl then we blame them..

BTW.. like ur posts.. they are very honest.. do visit my blog sometime...

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