Monday, August 10, 2009

Shame on me!

Sometimes I can be so stubborn, it makes me sick! If someone else were me, I'd slap her! I don't know why there are some things that I just don't do!!

I've been learning to drive since I was in class 12, that was like 6-7 years back. I've been to two driving schools, and I have a valid driver's license. But I just can't drive!!! Everytime I try, everytime I sit on the wheel, it feels as if the car is out to get me! My legs shake, my knuckles turn white and my heart beats faster than a subway train! And if someone tells me to reverse, I experience a nervous breakdown!

God knows when will I gain confidence on the wheel!! It's really a shame!!


Prasoon said...

It'll happen at the right time - dont worry much :)

Rane (The Orchid with All Shades Pink) said...

oh you will dont worry there..


Stone said...

That's normal.
It's all about the first step.
All the best!

Ekta said...

hey u know what I feel exactly the same!
I can do thousands of other things but lose my confidence in driving...all I can say is that keep poractising and u'll get there..dont give up!

Deepali said...

Driving a car is a HUGE deal - anyone who tells you otherwise is just lying lol. I mean you have to have eyes all around your head, your hands feet eye ears brain all have to work at the same time, you have be anticipate other peoples moves, you have to super fast reflexes. It's complicated.

I don't drive because I have road rage as a passenger hehe. Which is why I am so glad that the public transport system in Mumbai is so good :)

R said...

I was going to sound sexist here but... keep trying ;)

Naresh said...

Dilli me kya darr??? At max do chaar gaadiya thok dogi, phir seekh jaaogi... Go for it...

Merlin said...

lol @ "If someone else were me, I'd slap her!" Cute!!

Mirage said...

@Prasoon: Really? You think there's scope for me?

@Rane: day maybe!

@Stone: Does stepping backward count?

@Ekta: Yea? U too? Thank God!

@Deepali: My feelings, exactly! Except Delhi's public transport SUCKS! Lucky u!

@R: Hey, come on!

@Naresh: Thanks! Ab jitna chalati hoon vo bhi chhod dungi!

@Merlin: I would, really! :P

Merlin said...

Will wait for the blog post when you narrate your story about how you are now the queen of Delhi roads :)

desperado said...

dont worry just drive and maybe bang into one or two...will ease the nerves :P

Mirage said...

@Merlin: I hope its coming soon!

@dhruv: arre yaar...m nt afraid of banging my car, i just get terrified of banging sm1 else's!

workhard said...

Hey its only a matter of time.. I have been wanting to learn how to drive.. but i am so scared of the traffic that i dont even u much better off than me..

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