Monday, November 26, 2007

Weekend update

It's been a fun week. I thought I would make the best of it since this was technically my last 'holiday week'. Will be joining my new office from tomorrow and though I'm really looking forward to it, I can't help but feel a li'l sorry about not being able to laze around now :P. Been about a month, wow that's really long. Sigh!

I saw Goal this Friday. It's an okish film...could have been done better. Bipasha was a complete blonde, Arshad Warsi was practically wasted and I have no idea why there was a 'Billo Rani' who kept sucking on her own lips like a nympho. The good point- obviously- was John. He is THE only reason to go and watch the film. And maybe, Boman Irani. It can be a disappointment for people who're gonna watch it for the love of the game. Na-ah.

Saturday night was fun. Had dinner at A's place. Pretty chilled out. Except for one little big thing. A fight. Between friends. Blown out of proportion probably because of an overdose of alcohol. Hmmm... my two best friends, arguing with each other. It's not the fight that bothers me. It's the lack of understanding between them. Worsened now, by the lack of communication. What ya... :(

Anyway, I know either of them will come to their senses soon. At least I hope so. At this moment, my recently-turned-bald 1 yr old neice is sleeping soundly next to me, making the most adorable faces. Makes me wanna curl up too...yaaawwn. Will write soon about my 1st week at the new workplace. Cheers folks!


Naresh said...

Billo Rani and Football are the only things that set Goal on a different footing than Chak De! :P btw, i like tht song now! :D

Its tough to see friends fight, but I guess it just adds some spice to friendship. We fight wid friends, and when we get over it, the new chemistry is more amazing! Just wait for that phase to come between ur friends! :)

desperado said...

aha..d John factor is still strong :P
i think alcohol and emotions flow easily together

best of luck for the new workplace'll be great ..take care

Keshi said...

:) sweet.


Rahul... in City of Dreamz said...

i saw goal yesterday.. must say that was one bad shot at the goal ( he he!! bad one i know!)

anyways... best of luck for your new job!

c e e d y said...

best of luck for the new job
and were they talking the "truth" after being intoxicated....

best way is get them drunk again and leave them in the room alone - they will have no choice but to make up :)

KP said...

lol....:) i agree with Ceedy suggestion get them drunk again they will make up....are they opposite sex? if yes...they can make out

first week of fun no work just relax....i am speaking from 2 yrs of work experience and three different job in my small tenure....:D

good to see ya back...keep rocking and njoi.....

Mirage said...

@Naresh: I don't see ONE reason fr u to like that good-for-nothing song! Anyway, guess ur right abt the chemistry thing... hp i get to see my old jokers together agen!

@Dhruv: Hehe thanks a bunch!

@Keshi: :)

@Rahul: Yep that was a real PJ! Bt thanks fr ur wishes :)

@C e e d y: hehehe! I'll definitely try that! Just hope they dnt kill each other.

@KP: Wohoho! Duuuude! They're very much of the same sex and they certainly WILL NOT make out!

Stone said...

alcohol-influenced fights are always a treat to watch :-)

Mirage said...

@Stone: Arre that's when a cat fight happens na...verbal fights are very unpleasant. :(