Saturday, November 17, 2007

I love my friends!!

You know, whenever I think of my happiest times, I only picture myself with my friends. Even if I'm at the most boring place ever, I can only remember how much fun my friends made it for me. I don't have a vast group of friends, I'm closest to only a handful. And I love each one of them! Let me now introduce you to the people who mean the world to me:

Milo: Hmm...I don't understand why people spend a bomb on "soul-searching". I do that everyday with my best friend! This girl knows me so well, probably better than I know myself. I can talk to her about ANYTHING at all, at ANY time of the day or night. And she'll patiently hear me out and give me the best advice she can offer. Sooo many times I've cribbed to her (these days that's my fav pastime) about the most insignificant things. She's scolded me, cried with me, laughed with me. We haven't fought yet (touchwood) maybe because we both know we can't live without talking to each other. Right now also, she's pinging me to go shopping with her! But really it's so great to have someone who understands you so well. I don't have to say a thing and she knows what's going on in my mind!

Nika: Niks! My atom bomb! Hehe! Unpredictable is the word for her. Niks is like my mom and my daughter- combined. Sometimes she behaves like an annoying teenager and other times she takes care of me like my mommy would- tucking me in et al. She and I share a different chemistry altogether. She's always full of ideas of something to do all the time. Be it watching films or discussing books, or playing scrabble. This one will not let me sit idle! I'm like an agony aunt for her- always giving her advice. But I can't imagine my life without her. She's just there...always. :)

Netra: Walky-talky Cartoon Network! She's so animated all the time! Netz has been there for me when I needed a friend real bad. She's a lil brash at times, says exactly what's on her mind. Fights like she's gna kill u, and loves like she's never gonna let go. She's lifted my mood in a less than a minute with her crazy cartoon-like behavior! She may sound like a very bindaas woman, but gets very serious when she has to. And makes me see sense when I'm being stupid! Netziee is also my style guru, coz somehow she just knows what will look best on me! Really luv her for being there for me when I need her.

Mehul: He has got to be the most patient guy on Planet Earth. The way he listens to my constant's amazing! He's like my love guru...always getting me back on track when I stray back into my past. Sometimes coaxing, sometimes with a very bad scolding! He's been so very helpful during my worst times, always cheering me up with his silly jokes! I can trust him to spring up from anywhere, anytime just to make sure I'm doing OK. Thank God he's around or I'd have been pretty lost!

Tina: My mommy!! Hehe...she practically took me "under her cover" when I was in Mumbai. Our shopping excursions used to defy time and we used to hang out together so much, it's not funny. Now I haven't seen her in about 7 months, since I shifted back to delhi and our "meetings" are restricted to GTalk and telephone conversations. Miss her company so much!

Bhajji: She's small but don't let her size fool you! She's fierce when it comes to defending her friends. She's always always supported whatever I do. She's shown her concern in more ways than one. Even if she's super busy (which she is these days) she'll somehow make time and come and catch up. Just her unconditional and sincere love is enough to make you feel special!

Bhargav: He's one of my best buddies, but would you believe if I tell you I haven't seen him in a whole year? And I think we've spoken for precisely 3 times during this time. That's coz he's a shippie and is on sail almost all the time. He's lives at the other end of the country but still manages to keep in touch (with some effort from my end too of course). He's a complete joker and most of the time we have less conversations and more arguments. Waiting for him to get back so I can bug him again!

Well that's about it. These are the people who rule my life. And I'm ever so thankful for them to have them with me. I don't think I'd be complete without them. Thanks guys, I love you all! *Hugs*


Shy said...

How many times have I cribbed abt friends on my blog? Gazillion, but still, I love my friends. Glad to see that you do too! Sometimes I feel like giving them a good kick up the backside when they act like friends sometimes do, but ultimately I forget that I felt like strangling them 15 minutes back. And that's what is best about friends.

The Lover said...

good to know that u r blessed with such wonderful frnds...

TripleSix said...

megha..u made me laugh "atom bomb" and made me emotional...cos it's one of the most beautiful thing ever written....u made me so...(imagine,at the most appropriate time,i'm left with no apt words)...

thank u,n i'm glad i have tht "effect" on bomb has made me closer to u,pal...

n yeah...u r right about milo....humara chlta phirta human gyaan adviser...

take care

annie said...

nice gesture

Navdeep said...

thx a lot megz. It was reallt as sweet as you are :-) Love you lots

And you know that I am always there for you whenever you need me. Take care buddy .

Rohit Talwar said...


c e e d y said...

yeah life me friends nahi to kuch nahi....


John F said... one would ever write like this about me :-D

But my sad story (sigh) apart this was indeed a very good gesture and let me say this please that i am sure you must be a helluva friend urself to be able to treasure ur friends so much and write so lovingly and candidly about them!

Divinity said...
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Divinity said...

Hey Sweetie that was so cute. I just loved it. Thanx Hon...Hope we stay like this always....I miss u so much its not funny :( Take care. Will always be there for you i promise..

Saurabh said...

Where is my name? I thought I am ur friend too.

Mirage said...

@Shy: Sure is!

@The Lover: Yes, i surely am lucky! Thanks fr visiting.

@Nika: Hehe! Luv u niks!

@Annie: :)

@Bhajji: I knw sweets! Thanks. n i'm there fr u too!

@Rohit: :)

@ceedy: Rightly so :)

@John F: Aw well *blush blush*! I can't argue wid that ;)

@Tina: I knw hny, me too!

@Saurabh: Ohhooo....7 yr olds itna rote hain kya?!


Naresh said...

nice post... :) made me smile and made me nostalgic... best way to say to ur frnz tht u care... :)

real sweet post! :)

KP said...

nice post...:)

anuj said...

frndz are like .. Half-life or evn full .. it so happens tht wid time it gets better n better ..

hope u all r doin good n enjyin ur dyz..

John F said...

Forgot to tell you that you have been blogrolled!

Manojvasanth said...

Nice way to put ur heart out!!!

Ashu said...

Thats such a wonderful thing to acknowledge the existence of friends in your life who make small to big difference in the proceedings of the life.

Loved it,

TS said...

November seems to be that time of the year when everyone reflects on friends and friendship, in general. I think it has something to do with birthdays, marriages and friends coming back (from all across the globe) for Christmas.

Anand said...

hey loved ur post!
So agree with u..some of my best times are with my firends too..guess no matter where u are...any place can be great with a good bunch of frds!

Mirage said...

@naresh: thanks! Just a way to thank my friends :)

@kp: Thnx :)

@Anuj: hey anuj, m doin good ya, u tell me?

@John F: You too! :)

@Manijvasanth: Thanks for visiting!

@Ashu: Yea well, they deserve a lot more :) Thanks!

@TS: Well I don't really see a connection with the month, I think I keep reminding my friends how much I need them all year round! Thanks for dropping by!

@Anand: Sure thing! There's no substitute for friendship. :)