Monday, August 20, 2007

Love Delirium

I reside in the State of Lonliness
I live with a box of broken dreams
A bride at the altar
A dethroned Queen
The one left out in the rain

Like a meek goat following her shepherd
hoping to find my meadow
I tread towards my illusory heaven,
I follow him
lost in a hypnotic trance

The venom of love
rushes through my veins
Can feel it absorbing my soul
Fading truth, diminishing life,
An undead corpse

That’s what’s become of me.


Rohit Talwar said...

Time for chilled beer. Really.

Anonymous said...

Intense. You express your feelings too good buddy. Absolutely brilliant.........



annie said...

Am left astounded! That was fabolously put..Sublte yet so commanding!

annie said...

blogrolled you!

Stone said...

Fantastic!! loved it!!

Mirage said...

@Rohit: Cool...kab pila raha hai!?

@Ashu: Thanks ashu :) *hugs back*

@Annie: Really? I wish others would understand the subtle gestures too :). Thanks for blogrolling me.

@Stone: Thankyou :)

desperado said...

price love it??

annie said...

People who shud understand usually don't or pretend not to..that is the irony.

Anonymous said...

hiya blogrolled ya!!!

TripleSix said...

nice one..i particularly like the line "the venom of love"..

love is surely bites u like the snake,and then, even if the bite fades,the venom makes u feverish n weak...ask me-i'm in the same state whenever i meet the


Rahul Rad said...

Triplesix made a great point there... That is quite a pithy description of love there... I for one am a considerable way to being a cynic, from the romantic I was years ago...
Nice thoughts Mirage!

Jeya Anand said...

Absolutely wonderful!!

great blog over here...u r being linked:)

Mirage said...

@dhruv: Yep...mehenga pad raha hai!

@Ashu: Thanks :)

@Nika: :P True...

@Rahul: Hmm...good decision to leave romance behind :)

@Jeya: Thanks Jeya :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Mirage

Some problem in my blogger profile. You can either bookmark or blogroll this :



Anshuman Das said...

Abeeeyn yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar... ye kya hai yaaaaaaaaaarn

Mirage said...

@Ashu: Oh cool...thanks.

@"anshuman das": What are u doin here?? This is not the place for u! Fake-named psycho!

Anonymous said...

thats heart-breaking but the words are lovely...keep going...!