Thursday, August 30, 2007

Ignore this...

Haven't felt so utterly useless in a while now. Didn't go to work today, was kinda under-the-weather. Did a couple of follow ups, saw sappy crappy romantic movies on DVD, surfed mindlessly, and now blogging about God knows what. I used to have a life once, but now it's like I just don't ever wanna get out of bed.

Haven't touched a book in the longest time now. And I love reading! Shame on me. I'm giving up on my fav hobby! There's hardly anything I do anymore. I used to draw at one point, but that's seems futile now. There's so much work to do, to learn...but just don't feel like doing anything. I hate this...It's like this 'Lazy-Ness' monster is taking over my brain, and I'm letting myself being led into a being this boring, good-for-nothing that even a word? Ah who cares!

I hope it's cloudy today I can drag myself to go take a walk. The sun gives me another reason to stay indoors. Jeez, I have no will power. Ok enough. I gotta stop now...come on, fingers, stop typing...stop it! Gosh there we go agen...whatever, folks...I'm outta here!


annie said...

You seem to be in a totally lackadaisical mode! Don worry u'll get ur energy back once laziness hits rock bottom. Happens sometimes!

Anonymous said...

hey buddy, just one of those off days. Readin is wonderful habit. Which kinda books do u like to read ?

Chill. Get ur energy back soon!!!!