Friday, November 04, 2005


Walking along that familiar stretch
Times gone by, reflect in my mind
Smiles, whispers, moments shared
And then, regret, for being so blind

Blind for believing in fantasies
Naïve for trusting a lying snake
Crazy enough to fall in love
Foolish to put myself at stake

Locked myself in an illusion
Lived a façade for so long
With your honeyed words and false charm
Couldn’t place right from wrong

Then the bubble burst suddenly
And reality stepped in
But it was already too late
You’d already sunk your teeth in

You clawed at my trust, ripped my heart out
Hacked away my love, and slaughtered my soul
I whimpered, as life ebbed away
Betrayed, I let death take its toll

Days, months, years passed
The pain is still etched within
Still trying to let go of the past
Still trying, to live again...


D'yer Mak'er said...
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D'yer Mak'er said...

...oh don't be so bare...why need to be bare?
oak trees haunt...but rains will shudder.
void is before n' void is after..
the storm shall rise n' pass you dear.
nature don't discriminate
the wind shall caress
both the flowers n' the ashes
the windmill moves
the shepherds still wander..
so why get lost in the mystic sea?

i used to roam in a lonely island..
seekin for the truth n' for the freedom.
the stream i used to sit across
showed me calmness as well as the reflection of the clouds.
no matter how hard the ice remains
finally it melts n' flows across.
i say those tears are the proof..that the snow is gettin off
look above you...there is sunshine all around.

p.s. cheer up lady! know i don't like when i see you in this kind of mood...or else who will cheer me up...i know i'm bein selfish...but that's how i' point in hidin my real lemme see your smile dumbo!! did you hear that?? **he shouts at her**

manjari said...

Days, months, years passed
The pain is still etched within
Still trying to let go of the past
Still trying, to live again...

a phase in life each one goes thru...however hard it may seem...but we do live n survive...cheer up megha

Mirage said...

@dyer maker: Very beautiful verses...
I'm not sad...but I just dont feel lke smiling...

@manjari: thnks manj..

cherubic_chipmunk said...

hey u seem to b on par wid liz browning in penning poems...i cannot help but wonder if this piece of work is a metaphorical suggestion of somthin very personal...i mayb wrong but apparently u're head o'er heels abt som1...sory none of my business though...NEwayz me updated-chk it out

milo said...

hw cld u???;-(
whos' this '******** ' ??
jiske baare mein i hav no clue.nt fair..

Andy said...

Still trying, to live again...

Believe me! It's not that difficult, that you try so hard to do it.

Mirage said...

Pople, people! This is only a poem, that has absolutely nothing to do with me or my life... its all fiction!!

Mirage said...

@chipmunk: Nope ur wrong, its nothing personal! Btw, way to go on ur new post!

@milo: there's nothin that u dont knw! I think i'd already told u b4 posting this poem...kuchh yaad aaya?

@andy: I know that...but at some point one does feel very let down. N actually its not the living thts tuf, its surviving thts hard...

Random said...

my my mirage dear...such capturing of pain, and that too out of the blue? no warning even! it is an awesome poem. strikes too many familiar chords. hope it remains fiction for you always.

Keshi said...

Hey Mirage it may only be a poem to u but it's all abt my life...:(

Very beautifully written by u, while not having experienced it in real too...u completed my feelings...


Mirage said...

@rash: Dont worry man! I wont let my own imagination get the best of me! :)

@keshi: While I wrote this I prayed that no one shud have to go thru this hurt in real... but hey take good care of urself k? the worst is over! :)

n thnx 4 stopping by...

!xobile said...

it always wears off dude.. it does... :)
but what u mention is normal human nature...

Smartalec said...

hey megz! lucky i read all d other comments before posting mine in which i was gonna console u and stuff! great poem, my lady! and to find out that it's not abt u comes as a surprise coz then how come u're able to express these emotions so damn well when u actually haven't experienced them first-hand:o?!
and a great comment by D'yer Mak'er! will someone plzz teach me to compose verses:(??

the Monk said...

nice poem...

desperado said...

just back n got such beautiful piece to read

as always beautifully woven words n better still carrying feelings

what else can i say :)

The Phoenix said...

Well written,that poem.I see a lot of speculation in the comments that people have posted,about what the poem really means.And yet,only you would know what it really means.
Checked out some of your older posts too.Goa is heaven on earth isn't it?
Nice blog.

zxcv said...
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zxcv said...

is this the latest hep thing to do? no more prose, writing poems?
waise y such a gloomy poem? is it for real or is it fiction?
aisa pratit ho raha hai ki aapke dil mein bahut dard chipa hai.
BTW the story might be fiction, but there ought to be some reason for u to pen it down...
before i forget I've tagged you

Mirage said...

@ze exaggerator: Sure does. Its easier to hide the pain, but its so damn tough to forget it...
Thnx 4 visiting!

@steve: hehe! Am I glad or what that I didnt get those sympathising looks from u! :)
Yea dyer maker's comment was gr8... hats off to him!

@varun: thnx bud! :)

@dhruv: you've said it all man...thnx! :)

@phoenix: Yep, but even tho I know what I'm feeling, I cant express it precisely...
Goa was rocking...had the best time there!

Thnx for visiting my space. :)

@zxcv: Its pure fiction! and mere dil me koi dard nahi hai...its all in my imagination!

Arrgh! not another tag!! :(

anuj said...

heart broken .. r u ?? nice words .. nice poem indeed. Sounds like heart broken .. but as madam phoenix said .. only u knw wht behind this creation.

but really r ya heart broken ?? i mean if ur cheer up dudette .. life has much more to give [ evry individual on the mother earth says tht .. do not believe it ]

zxcv said...

hard to believe, all of it being just imagination...
u got a really fertile imagination i must commend,
@ tag, i got tagged, had to pass it on... cant help it :-)

Jithu said...

dont know whether u can take this point in the right sense, this is the journey called life, dear. never try to unravel its mysteries, just sit back and admire its beauty! and see ur admiration gave birth to a beautiful poem...

Quz Boss said...

And living life is what chu is doin, good choice ;-) PEACE

Keshi said...

Thanks Mirage huggggz!

** but hey take good care of urself k? the worst is over! :)

true...the rain's gone...but the feeling it left is still alive...but I'll get through thanks to beautiful ppl like u with beautiful thoughts...


manuscrypts said...

the pic is missing!!!

Mirage said...

@anuj: no baba i'm not heartbroken!! this was just a reflection of a meloncholic mood... and its long gone now! thnx neway!

@zxcv: i can understand man...i've been there!!

@jithu: Hey, ur right!! I'll try that the next time!!

@Quz boss: Thnx buddy! Peace to u 2! n thnx for stoppin by!

@keshi: hey i'm ever willing to vent out my thoughts if its for a good cause!! take care hon! :)

@manuscrypts: is it!?

Mr. Maverick said...

Good that its just fiction :)

Btw, i have completed your tag!


Keshi said...

thanks Mirage :)


MS said...

nice melancholy ;)
just this came to my mind when I read ur poem,I dont really know y ::))

woke up
opened the window
a tiger was out there
"where are all those cars and noises
I used to see?"
the tiger convulsed with rage
moved around
showed off her bloody teeth
fear got the better of me
the leaves trembled
the silence broke
the tiger sallied