Tuesday, November 08, 2005

And again....

The tag season is on...and its catching on pretty fast! Its caught me twice...and tho I've tried, there's no way out!

I. 7 things i want to do before i die:
1. live!!
2. find a job where the lesser i work, the more i get paid! any ideas?
3. learn to drive!! the car turns into a monster the minute i touch the wheel!
4. open a dog shelter
5. make a place in the hearts of people who matter
6. go on a world tour
7. find my kinda guy...they've just stopped manufacturing them!! :(

II. 7 things i can do:
1. bake a cake!!
2. dance...sort of!
3. tidy up!
4. sleep for hours on end
5. bug people!
6. blow someone off for even trying to hurt an animal!! grr
7. be sugary sweet to people i like...and mean it!!

III. 7 things i say the most:
1. Oh f***!
2. Oh my gawd!
3. Seriously...
4. Shut up!5. Yeaaa?
6. Shit yaar!
7. No way!!

IV. 7 things i cant do:
1. Study!
2. be someone i'm not
3. cant drive...yet! :(
4. sit still without music
5. trust people easily
6. cant make conversation
7. cant look eye to eye

V. 7 things that attract me to the opposite sex:
1. sense of humour
2. height
3. wit
4. honesty
5. confidence
6. big hands!!
7. sophisticated sense of dressing

VI. 7 Celebrity crushes:
1. John Abraham!! Mmmuah!
2. Tom Cruise
3. Keanu Reeves
4. Abhishek Bachhan
5. Hrithik Roshan
6. Jude Law
7. Jason Statham

VII. 7 people i want to tag:
This is tough!
1. Milo
2. Jayant
3. Triple Six
4. Steve
5. Cherubic Chipmunk
6. Anuj
7. Dhruv

Whew! Done wid it....please people no more tags!! Please...please...please!!! <:O


Just A Human said...

Hey Mirage

Hope to see you on my blog.


desperado said...

yipee...i can drive :)
n u can bake a cake..gud so when i get to taste it

n ya ur tag will wait ..i have no brains left..

P.S. Curses ...well i wont give it u but im sure fuming :)
n large hands good i have them ;)

Smartalec said...

so u've finally had ur revenge:P!! grrr...
btw i kinda like these tags! dunno why but i just do!

learn to drive!! the car turns into a monster the minute i touch the wheel!
no need to learn to drive! your "Jason Statham" would be more than pleased to drive u, and i bet u'll prefer that to driving urself:D!

7 things that attract me to the opposite sex:
1. sense of humour
2. height
3. wit
4. honesty
5. confidence
6. big hands!!
7. sophisticated sense of dressing

seems to be a mere coincidence but i'm all of the above;)... except probably at confidence which is at
an all time low! and sophisticated sense of dressing?? depends...

and finally
....please people no more tags!! Please...please...please!!! <:O
*evil, evil grin :P

zxcv said...

hahaha akhir post kar hi diya tune.
did not take long thou, and wasnt that difficult...
BTW since everyone is writing let me also put forward my views on y would find me attarctive:->
1. sense of humour : Just the right amount of it
2. height : well since there is no mention of tall or short, i would assume average should do
3. wit : Refer pt 1
4. honesty : ismain to mujhe prize mila hua hai (bus yeh pehla aur aakri jhut)
5. confidence : loads of it, u can measure my audacity by this comment
6. big hands!! : look big is a relative term, so wat is big for me might not be big for u, assuming our frame of reference to be similar, i'll say i have big hands
7. sophisticated sense of dressing : well in office u have to be sophisticated, and outside it well i have a very sophisticated casual sense of dressing.

>|' ; '| said...

when u do find a job where they pay you for doing nothing, please tell me about it :-)
i too aspire for that job!!!!

>|' ; '| said...

a dog shelter huh, so sweet :-)

Mirage said...

@just a human: Cheers 2 u 2 buddy! Thnx for visiting!

@dhruv: sure man... and abt the cake, hmm vo bday par milega!

@steve: dont u give me that evil grin!! oh and abt the 7 things u qualify for...honey these are just 7...i have a lot more for all u guys to work on!!

@zxcv: Lol! this is fun!! abhi to khali 7 diya hai...lets see if u come clean for ALL of my expectations!!

@poison: Lol! will do man! and hey abt the dog shelter...um i'm gonna need the (financial) support of all you people!! ;)

zxcv said...

are worry not, if this sort of explanation is acceptable, phir to i'll come clean on all ur expectations.
BTW forgot to add nice compilation, cant help notice the similarities ;-),
wud've loved to help out with some of ur can'ts (see how considerate, caring, kind I'm), but unfortunately(?) too much distance in between.

Arz000n said...

the more i get paid! any ideas?
Come to IT. You will be paid to write posts for you new blogs. Chances are that you might come up with new templates too, made from your own hands during ofice hours. It happens only in IT. Dhinchak....dhinchak

make a place in the hearts of people who matter
Start from me.

find my kinda guy...
Good luck!!!

blow someone off for even trying to hurt an animal!!
Thats cho cute :)

be someone i'm not

cant drive...yet! :(
So what??
Chillax :)

sense of humour
I need to add some more of this

Im 6.2...what are your options??

big hands!!
Big hands??
You mean big palms??
or hands that can scratch your knee without bending?
Or long fingers...I think mine are long

Was I selling myself...
Damn...Wht has happend to me?
I need to get some good sleep now :)

please people no more tags!!
Im coming out with "A-Z abuot z000nie", its in draft, I just need to hit publish.
Hmmmmm....I cant hear you properly...can you pls type that in CAPS?

I can be pain in neck na at times...I know


Kiddding....take care Mirage
Have fun!!

anuj said...

u tagged me .. thanx .. i have always wished someone to tag me .. though i knw the point i will start writing thing around me will freeze :)

ANd hey i cannot drive too .. chalo dhruv knws ..

Shit i have short hands. People hav always told me tht girls do pay particular attention to boys clothes ..

john abraham .. he has a great voice .. damn cute smile .. yet hes not gud at comic roles [ u can hit me but thts true ;) ]

nice one.

Keshi said...

The Fever's got u too Mirage :)

**I. 7 things i want to do before i die: 1. live

That was the best line ever...cos alot of ppl dont LIVE...they just EXIST..

Good on ya!

Mirage said...

@zxcv: yea yea i can see how caring and considerate u are sweetie!! But thts only stage 1!!

@arz000n: IT? I thought tht's where they make u slave...!

Abt makin a place in ur heart...i thought i already did!!

6'2!! Wo! Ur definitely on my list of prospective guys now! ;)

If ur selling urself...i might just buy u!

Take care man! :)

@anuj: I dont care if John Abraham cant act do a comedy! He's a hunk and thts what matters!!

@keshi: yep! life's good! :)

manjari said...

the car turns into a monster...same feeling megha even though i have learnt driving...or i will say i was forced to do so...i just dont feel comfortable when i take the steering

cherubic_chipmunk said...

yo here's a guy who urself say is witty(c'mon dont say u lied)...and had i known earlier i'd hav told u i'm 186 cms tall wid damn big hands(they say mine's longer than Ian Thorpe's-name rings a bell?),honest 2 de core and all that...wat're ur takes on that lady?...
hey jus kiddin' yaar...nice choices urs but i guess all gals look for these in their prince charming...and hey all these tel me that u're a very nice person at heart...keep bloggin-cheers!!

the Monk said...

man...i got tagged recently too.i understand how u feel...

The Phoenix said...

Finally, a woman who honestly admits that she can't drive.The roads would be a much better place if there were more people like you around.

I see a few things in common here-sleeping for hours on end,not studying,"oh f***", dance(although the idiocity increases exponentially with an increase in the amount of alcohol consumed).
As for being someone you're not,as hard as you may want to avoid it, you do put on different masks when you face the world.Everyone does it,some are just better at it.I'm bad at pretending though.

Big hands, huh?
*contemplates on the various comments that can be posted here*
*decided to end it here,for the sake of decency."

Andy said...

height, big hands....u really want a guy or an ape or something??

Oh f***! ... THe F word has to be in this list for everyone I suppose.

find a job where the lesser i work, the more i get paid! any ideas?

If you find one, please tell me too

Mirage said...

@manjari: swear...keep thinking i'm goin to bump into some1 or the other...and then my worst fear is to see them mouth obcenities at me!! <:(

@arvind: My my! I've just posted 7 of the characteristics i look for in a man, and u guys have already started comparing urself!! This has got to be good! :D

@monk: Ah finally, some1 who understands my trauma!!

@phoenix: Hey u cud give me some good driving lessons instead of tellin me to stay off the road!! Hehe!
About putting on a mask...u maybe rt. But when i try to put on an act, it dznt last very long!

@andy: Lol!! Hmm i dunno...are apes romantic??
Oh n the job...u keep an eye out for one too!!

Jayant said...

Hey, read this post of yours a few days back but couldn't comment then. God, I didn't even know what this tagging fuss was all about before I read your post. So, this tag that you've just phansaoed me with will be taken care of only after sometime cos I just got over with the 20 things wala post and please no tagging before then! I beg of you!! :P
Coming to your post, awesome! I just love these kind of posts. I remember you made a similar post sometime back also, but that one just had 3 of all the things. This is nicer. It feels so nice getting to learn such things about your friends whom you've never even met. Kinda gives you a feeling that there's a great world out there with like-minded people as you. Nice. :)

Mirage said...

@jay: Yea even tho i groan when I get tagged, i secretly enjoy it too! >:] Its nice to give urself some thought too, for a change! and of course its fun to find out who agrees with u and who dznt! but hey too much of a good thing is bad too! :D

Keshi said...

Hey Mirage,

As you know I am already 30 and single and looking for someone. I want your opinion about this profile which I am posting on a matrimonial site. Opinions from the bloggers like you matter the most to me. So I will be more than glad if u can evaluate my profile.

Here is my kookie monsta profile:):):)
Hi Guys. No lesbians please. lolll! I am Kishani a.k.a. Keshi/Kayshe/Kookie_Monster/Kish-Mish/Keshit. I am 29 years old but I really look 30. As you can see, honesty is my best policy. I dont like to lie about my looks or post fake pictures of my beautiful cousin sister and mislead people into believing that it is my eyes/bare back they are staring at. I have never fought publicly with other people and neither do I fancy making sexual jokes. This may make a person look cool, but I certainly condone it. I am a hard-worker and have accomplished a lot of things in my life single-handedly. I do not approve of guys who use the internet for their personal interest during office hours. If you are one, please be honest with yourself and do not email me your profile. It will go straight to the trash can. I also dislike bloggers who confide their personal life story for every sane/insane person in the world to read. I have the utmost self-confidence and I have never begged a guy to be my support or shoulder to cry on. Please also note, that I do chat at times but I maintain the highest level of decency and do not ask guys about their sexual preferences. I think it is disgusting to do so.The worst thing anyone can do to me, is to pretend that they like me, while they actually despise me. I can never do that to anyone. I am a very smart, intelligent, loving, fluent-in-english, sexy, tall, tan Sri-Lankan with lots of attitude...if you can handle it. Please email me if you are interested at www.keshigirl.blogspot.com

Take care n hugzz

And oh..only way to know real keshi is by following this link


or this profile id
others are my clones


Keshi said...

You are a wise blogger mate Mirage.So plz is that too much to ask from a friend?



Mirage said...

hey keshi

first of all thnx for considering me 'wise' enough to 'evaluate' your profile!

must say there's nothing to evaluate. its a pretty good profile...gives the impression of a chilled- out, easygoing, yet strong and independant individual. and the importance of honesty in ur life is apparent!

so u can go ahead and put it up on the net. and do let me knw how many responses you've recieved... and which one do u like most! ;)

All the best!