Thursday, November 18, 2010

Missing my buddy :(

Well, where should I start? Just had an irresistible urge to blog. Feeling a li'l whimsical. After my 15 day long vacation to Thailand in October (which was just awesome, btw, but I'll save that for another time), I returned to Delhi and got busy playing bridesmaid. My best friend got married last week and I just can't explain the rush of emotions going through me. Initially it was just total chaos, helping her shop, preparing dance sequences for the function, coordinating with our other friends and getting my own stuff in order as well.

We were all so excited, but on the day of her wedding, when I saw her as a beautiful bride, it struck me. This is it, I thought. No more late night calls, no more just dropping in at her place, no more night-stays, no more day long shopping excursions. That's when I realized how she must have felt when I got married. Ever since then, which makes it about a week, I haven't spoken to her, when we used to talk almost every day. And now she's off for her honeymoon, so another week goes. I guess I'm just suddenly missing her so much - my confidante, my aide, my buddy, my partner-in-crime... call her what you may, but she is something special.

I remember, in college we used to have these long sessions of girly talk on so many of our pyjama parties. The five of us, just chatting away. And we used to say we will definitely go for a love marriage, but only she took it really seriously. She always she knew she wanted love and wouldn't settle for a stranger as a husband. I was the first to break the 'pact' and go in for an arranged one. But she, she found the love of her life. And I felt so immensely happy when her dream materialized. She did it, she married the man she loved! And he is really wonderful, with a loving family who accepted her with open arms. I know she is going to be very happy and I feel so proud of her!

I don't know how it will go from here. We're all going in different directions, wherever life takes us. I don't know if we'll be able to be together, but I will be there for her and all my friends! Things change so fast, but I hope some things stay the same! :) Cheers to friendship!


R said...

Hmm. But when will you write about Thailand?

Mirage said...

Ah I'm already over it...I need a new vacation!

Pallavi said...

Phases of Life I guess..