Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Hills are the Place to Be!

I'm back! Actually I was back long before, just didn't get time to blog about it. Had the best 3 days ever! Had a blast on the mini train from Kalka to Summer Hill, with a drizzle now and then, and a beautiful view of the valleys on our way up. Had to request the engine driver to stop at Summer Hill, coz the train doesn't usually stop in between Kalka and Shimla. It was so cute!

The camp people got us picked from Summer Hill and after a 20 minute bumpy ride over the mountain, we were there! It was right in the middle of a forest,
with trails leading to the camping site from
the reception. Potter's Hill is quite cool, though there were hardly any adventurous activities coz of the rain. But man, what a place! They welcomed us with hot 'chai' in earthern cups. Loved the whole 'living in a tent' experience. You had to trek for 20 mins to reach the reception and get something to eat - no room service here! It took our breath away, we lazy city dwellers! It was fun to bathe with ice cold water early in the morning - a rude awakening but kept us active throughout the day! :P

We spent the day trekking around the place most of the time, and towards the evening sat outside on the rustic wooden furniture, with vodka, hot pakoras and clouds for company. It was surreal. A wonderful way to revive the romance, I must say!

We spent just one night as opposed to two at Potters' Hill, as we'd pretty much explored the place by then. We decided to take the bus to Shimla to pay my
grandparents a visit. My husband just LOVES that place. Somehow, he likes the chatter on the Mall road and the Ridge. He becomes this little child, going into every shop and buying some nonsense, just to get the feel! Besides, who would want to stay indoors with weather like that! Next day I took him to visit the Vice Regal Lodge, which was a 5 km walk from the Mall. Its a beautiful place, takes me back to the British era with its typical architecture and wooden interior. There's a small open air cafe there, where we sat n enjoyed the beauty that surrounded us and gorged on Maggi and chai.

I felt my heart sinking when it was time to go. I was dreading the sultry Delhi weather and getting back into routine. I really wish I could be on a perpetual vacation, just hopping from one place to another. A farfetched dream, but a dream nonetheless. And in my experience, dreams do tend to come true!


Keshi said...

wow thats just awesome..it sounds like twas also a spiritual journey :) Very nice! Lucky u.


Pallavi said...

I love the hills anyday..